How Women of Power Dress Up in Korean Dramas

  • How Women of Power Dress Up in Korean Dramas 

    There’s no shortage of powerful women in Korean dramas. I love myself a good high school drama with a girl from a poor family and with two rich guys fighting over her as the lead stars but you definitely can’t beat a drama with a successful female lead character because of one thing: her wardrobe.

    Take these women as examples:

    1. Lee Se Young (Choi Ji Woo in Temptation) korean drama fashion

    As a business woman, Lee Se Young has all the money she can spend on designer shoes (those Jimmy Choo pumps she reserved in a store had me drooling), clothes and bags. Although she occasionally forays into more feminine territory (as in that gorgeous Chloe blue dress she wore in Episode 2 and the pale blue Louis Vuitton number also in the same episode), she is mostly seen in the symbol of power dressing: suits. If she’s not in suits, she’s in the modern woman’s equivalent of it: a chic blazer and a matching pair of trousers.

    Lee Se Young will approve of: korean drama fashion

    Givenchy Leather Pants, €1598,36

    Pinko Polka Dot Jacket, €319,67

    Iceberg Back Closure Shirt, €117,21

    Gucci Suede T-Strap Pump, €426,23

    Tod’s ALR Handbag in Calfskin, €811,48

    2. Ah Mo Ne (Lee Da Hae in Hotel King) korean drama fashion

    Ah Mo Ne is like South Korea’s Paris Hilton. Her dad owns a hotel so when he passed away, the throne naturally passed down to her. But Mo Ne wasn’t groomed to be a successor so her style is pretty rebellious (think floor-length full skirts with a button down shirt knotted on the waist). She was more suited for fashion week rather than corporate meetings.

    It wasn’t until she was forced to act like a hotelier when she had to clean up her act and her dressing game (to my everlasting sadness). Mo Ne loves all-white ensembles and pencil skirts. She mixes edgy with feminine with enviable ease. And despite the many people trying to covet her position, she still managed to inject her fun attitude in her style.

    Ah Mo Ne will approve of: korean drama fashion

    Dolce & Gabbana Once Upon A Time Top, €323,77

    Stella McCartney Jeanne Skirt, €553,28

    Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Decollete, €569,67

    Saint Laurent Cabas Monogram Leather Handle Bag, €1385,25

    3. Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun from Man From The Stars) korean drama fashion

    A top actress in South Korea has considerable power. Starlets sidle out of your way, directors pursue you, you have a prep team at your beck and call and you get to have a billboard in the country’s most expensive advertising space. In addition to all that, you get to wear designer dibs first, way before mere mortals get a chance to even touch that expensive Chanel boy bag. Heck, even handsome and aloof aliens go out of their way for you!

    Cheon Song Yi is the best-dressed Kdrama character to date, bar none. Her wardrobe is almost always one season ahead. While we’re still basking in the joy of getting our hands on A/W dibs, she’s already on the Resort and S/S collections. Talk about privileged!

    Song Yi plays with silhouettes a lot. She likes wearing structured tops and fit and flare silhouettes. Some days, she also experiments with trousers. She can go from dainty to edgy in a blink of an eye. She’s game for everything as long as the price tag is over a hundred dollars!

    Cheon Song Yi will approve of: korean drama fashion

    Dolce & Gabbana Keys Skirt, €942,62

    Valentino Garavani Shirt, €565,57

    Dolce & Gabbana Intaglio Ankle Boots, €733,61

    Fendi Crossbody Bag, €1147,54

    4. Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin in It’s Okay, That’s Love) korean drama fashion

    Okay, so Ji Hae Soo isn’t exactly the epitome of grace and fashion. But who said every woman of power needs to look impeccable? Not that, she’s a sloppy dresser on-duty. Hae Soo works in the neuropsychiatry industry and her style seems to lean more towards a comfortable kind of chic.

    Her outfits have a retro feel to them. Think ‘70s-inspired boot-legged jeans and high-waisted trousers.

    Ji Hae Soo will approve of: korean drama fashion

    Gucci Trousers, €368,85

    Michael Kors Jacket, €266,39

    Burberry Check Shirt, €225,41

    Gucci T-Strap Pump, €508,20

    Balenciaga Giant 12 Envelope, €635,25

    5. Nam Da Jung (Im Yoona in Prime Minister and I) korean drama fashion

    If you’re the wife of an important man, all eyes will be on you, the first lady. Just ask Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton. You will be put on a pedestal and expected to look impeccable all the time.

    Nam Da Jung can’t escape public scrutiny as well, her being the wife of the Prime Minister and all. That’s why she had to abandon her heavily distressed jeans and graphic-printed t-shirts to go for prim and proper turtle neck sweaters, midi skirts and fit and flare dresses. And this being a winter drama, she also wore the cutest dresscoats! Nam Da Jung can easily give the Duchess of Cambridge a run for her money!

    Nam Da Jung will approve of: korean drama fashion

    Dsquared Turtleneck Pull, €336,07

    MSGM Knit Skirt, €172,13

    Gucci Suede Loafer Pump, €479,51

    So which powerful woman’s wardrobe did you envy the most?