While You Were Sleeping Episode 1 Review

  • While You Were Sleeping Episode 1 Korean Drama Fashion Review

    Autumn dramas are always so full of style and this one doesn’t seem like an exception. We do love understated casual styles that are so relatable and copy-worthy.

    The first scene is a snippet of Nam Hong Joo’s (Bae Suzy) dream. She wore a pair of denim pants, white sneakers, a collared shirt and a coat.

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    In her dream, she hugs this guy she hasn’t laid eyes on yet.

    It turns out Nam Hong Joo gets a lot of these dreams as she always has a dream pad to write down what she remembers of the dream. She’s a little disturbed that she’s hugging someone she doesn’t know in her dreams because it’s not in her character.

    What’s a Kdrama without something wearing track suit, right?

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    That same morning, someone moved in Nam Hong Joo’s neighborhood. It’s the same guy from her dream. Because she’s seeing someone and she doesn’t want the dream to come true, she shooed the guy, who happens to be Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) away when he attempted to introduce himself bearing rice cakes.

    Hong Joo decided Jae Chan is hitting on him as per her dream so she’s done her best to avoid him.

    Nam Hong Joo’s coat is from SJSJ’s FW 2016 line but it’s no longer available online.

    While working at her mom’s restaurant, Hong Joo saw a guy she saw in her dreams 3 months past. In her dream, the guy is going to meet his demise that day. They tried to stop him from getting in the car and explain to him what can happen but to no avail.

    Jung Jae Chan, on the other hand, is a new prosecutor. No thanks to Lee YooBeom (Lee Sang Yeob), everyone seems to hate him already.

    Nam Hong Joo dreams again but this time it’s of her. In her dream, she woke up at a hospital and found out her mother was dead because of an accident she caused. Knowing full well that her dreams come true, Hong Joo couldn’t help but cry.

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    She explains to her mom the details about her dream but her mom tries to shrug it off and cheer her up.

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    It’s Valentine ’s Day and Jae Chan got himself a new car. He chanced upon YooBeom again who was supposed to have a date with Hong Joo.

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    Hong Joo couldn’t focus on her date the entire night. She kept texting her mom to check up on her but her mom isn’t replying. She cut the date short so she can go to her mom. Unfortunatley, it started to snow and she isn’t an experienced driver so she let YooBeom take over. On their way, YooBeom hit someone crossing the street and crashed their car to a post.

    When Hong Joo woke up, it’s the same as her dream – her aunt telling her that her mom is gone because of the accident she caused and her hair long again after being asleep for 10 months.