To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 9

  • To The Beautiful You Episode 9 Review: After finding out from Seol Han Na that his dad has plans of transferring him to Canada where he can train under the tutelage of coach Holton, Kang Tae Joon left the training camp. Goo Jae Hee, who was waiting for him so they can watch the upcoming meteor shower, was saddened. She then spends the would-be romantic stargazing moment with Cha Eun Gyeol.

    Cha Eun Gyeol finally chucked out his mushroom hair! With his cleaner hairstyle, he is definitely in league with Tae Joon in terms of main protagonist role.

    A rumor about a pervert at large is also spreading. Seems like nearby girls school had an incident where a pervert tried to drag a girl to his car. This is why everyone jumped to that conclusion when Jae Hee was dragged by an unknown guy in his car. Tae Joon, who was especially worried, chased after the car.

    It turned out that the guy is Jae Hee’s “hyung” from the U.S., Johnny. Johnny, who we found out later in the episode, was the one who helped Jae Hee get transfer papers from her school in the U.S., was pummeled by an aggravated Tae Joon when he caught up with the car. Jae Hee immediately set the record straight and told him he is someone she knows.

    Tae Joon was quick to pick up the closeness between Johnny and Jae Hee while Johnny notices that something is in the wind between Jae Hee and Tae Joon.

    Putting the matters of his feelings with Jae Hee aside, Tae Joon has to come to terms with his impending transfer to Canada. He is still torn about it although he knows it’s for his own good.

    Johnny, who is photographer, got the principal’s approval to take photos of the athletes in the school. Tae Joon didn’t want to get his photo taken, which sparked an argument between the two. Jae Hee whisked Johnny away so they can talk.

    Tae Joon who was obviously jealous couldn’t sit still at the idea of Jae Hee in the company of another guy. He was so jealous that he invited himself to the trip to Seoul Johnny planned for Jae Hee. Not wanting to be left out, especially where Jae Hee was concerned, Cha Eun Gyeol also tagged along.

    In Seoul, the trio had a chance to visit Johhny’s photo studio. Tae Joon and Eun Gyeol also had an impromptu photo shoot stint after two of Johnny’s male models did not show up.

    Johnny also had a chance to corner Tae Joon for a little guy to guy talk. Johnny confronted Tae Joon about why he is feigning ignorance about Jae Hee’s real gender.

    After they went home, Jae Hee was feeling a little off. Tae Joon comes to her aid again. He even let her sleep in his bed. The next morning, a bathroom-scavenging Eun Gyeol walks in to find the two sleeping in one bed. Omo!

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    To The Beautiful You Episode 9 Fashion Recap:

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion

    Still keeping up with the plaid-print button down tops trend is To The Beautiful You’s Cha Eun Gyeol. He is the most stylish of the male bunch with his edgy ensembles and quirky accessories. Check out the elbow patches on his shirt from Visitors A (139,000 Won). What used to be shabby is now hottie!

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    Goodbye mushroom hair! Just when I have mastered the art of tolerating his mushroom hair, he finally cut it off – all for the sake of impressing Goo Jae Hee who doesn’t even remember she was the one who told him he would look good in it! And here we were thinking girls are more detail-oriented.

    The highlight of Eun Gyeol’s school outfits is always the accessory. I want to covet that flower chain pin on his lapel.

    Sulli To The Beautiful You


    Sulli To The Beautiful You

    Go Jae Hee’s pre-boy look. She keeps it casual with a striped and daisy-printed cropped sweater and high waist denim pencil skirt. Wear cropped tees with high waist bottoms if you want to achieve an edgy look without baring too much skin.

    Here’s a short-sleeved version of what Jae Hee was wearing:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Printed Crop Top, £10.00, Paprika

    To The Beautiful You Episode 9

    Johnny Park, errr, Johnny Kim. Apparently, he is the polished kind of guy with his slim pants and tailored tops. White long-sleeved polo shirts are classic with dark denim pants. Instead of the basic white top, look for something with embellishments such as studs on the collar and shoulders like what Johnny is wearing here.

    Min Ho To The Beautiful You

    Min Ho To The Beautiful You

    Tae Joon being a creeper while watching Jae Hee sleep. But we don’t mind Tae Joon! Just keep on smiling like that!

    Love the color of his striped sweater. While we adore a stylish character like Eun Gyeol, it’s nice to find a character that sticks with the basics. Tae Joon portrays the role of boy next door to the letter with his ensembles.

    Min Ho To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Faded stripes print is a nifty twist from the usual stripes print.

    To The Beautiful You Episode 9

    The guys at the camp. Push up your long sleeves to your elbows and reveal its inner fabric just like what Song Jong Min did here. You can’t go wrong with sweaters tucked in and out especially when paired with rugged, slightly form-fitting pants.

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

     Despite the efforts of the stylists to obscure the Adidas insignia, it’s pretty evident Cha Eun Gyeol is wearing this label’s track suit. Come to think of it, he is almost always clad in Adidas from neck to foot in this series. There’s more where that came from….

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    Yep, another Adidas track suit. You can’t miss the three lines. You gotta love the polka print though. There’s a womenswear version of this track suit as worn by K-Pop stars like SNSD’s HyoYeon.

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion

    Kang Tae Joon shows off his boyish charm in this faded denim top from Beyond Closet and striped under shirt. He drapes a knitted cardigan over his shoulders – typical styling for Korean male actors as evident in dramas like Big.

    Get His Denim Top:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Beyond Closet Denim Top is available at Creamstitch

    Cha Eun Gyeol, on the other hand, dons this camouflage-sleeved zip-up sweater and pairs it with Juniper green pants and loafers. It’s from Salad Bowls.

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion To The Beautiful You

    Salad Bowls Camo Zip Top, $49.00

    Min Ho Shinee Fashion

    It’s hard to take a complete photo of his look but he paired it up with a pair of red fitted pants and black tasseled loafers.

    Sulli To The Beautiful You Episode 9

    Sulli To The Beautiful You Fashion

    I’m glad they’re not trying to smother Jae Hee in dark colors this episode. She is still a girl and the stylists know how to make her look one without giving so much away. Here she dons pastel-colored plaid top with sleeves rolled up to her lower arms. She tucks it in her navy cropped pants. Other than the rubber shoes she is wearing, you can also wear tasseled loafers or saddle shoes.

    Get A Similar Plaid Top:

    To The Beautiful You Episode 9 Fashion

    Mossimo Supply Co. Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt, $17.99

    KyeKyeKyeShirt Cha Eun Gyeol

    This KyeKyeKye shirt is very popular amongst Korean pop stars and celebrities. Pop stars like EXO-K’s Suho and Woo Hyun were seen wearing it.

    Get The Shirt:

    Cha Eun Gyeol Fashion

    KyeKyeKye by Kathleen Kye T-Shirt, 98,000 Won

    Seung Ri Fashion

    Dorm Leader 2 Seung Ri is not as strict with rules where Han Na is concerned. Check out his prefect badge, err, his brooch. Lego toys and accessories make quirky fashion pieces.

    Teacher Lee So Jung Fashion

    To The Beautiful You Episode 9

    Teacher Lee So Jung styles it up with rose-printed collared top from The Eden (currently unavailable in their online shop) and peach pleated skirt. She is actually wearing her black booties from Episode 4. It’s youthful and edgy but tasteful at the same time.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Episode 9

    One of the things I gripe about a medical drama is that there isn’t much fashion to be found. Most of the episodes, the actors are in scrubs. But a school doctor is a different story altogether.

    Dr. Jang Min Woo goes for brights most of the time. He again injects color with his red pants that goes so well with his red paisley-printed top. He chose this checkered jacket as outerwear. The satchel he is carrying here is from Bean Pole.

    To The Beautiful You Episode 9 Fashion

    She may appear once in every episode but she manages to make an impression with her sleek professional look. Her teal-colored blazer punches up the whole monochrome outfit.

    Get A Similar Blazer:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    You’re Teal The One Blazer, $39.99, ModCloth

    Lee Hyun Woo

    Studded leathers are not only for rock stars anymore. They inject more than a bit of bad-assery to outfits, particularly when you have a too formal look. Make the outfit look even more rad with distressed denims but try to downplay the rockstar look by donning a formal button down shirt underneath.

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion

    You can DIY the studs on leather jackets. Take a cue from what Cha Eun Gyeol was wearing by adding studs on the lapels, shoulders and upper arms of your jacket.

    Get A Similar Jacket:

    To The Beautiful You Episode 9 Fashion

    Like A Boss-y Jacket, $179.99, ModCloth


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