To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 8

  • To The Beautiful You Episode 8 Review: The sudden skinship between Eun Gyeol and Jae Hee startles both of them. Eun Gyeol hurriedly gave Jae Hee the gift he prepared (which was the necklace he found at the pool.

    When Jae Hee got to her dorm, he gave Tae Joon the present. It turned out that Tae Joon also had something prepared for her. Jae Hee was really happy she got a gift from Tae Joon that she vowed not to use the gift too much.

    Training for high jump is still going on. Tae Joon is still having a rough time while Hyun Jae looks like he is doing well. There is still a growing friction between the two of them.

    Jae Hee bought a cake and intended to share it with Tae Joon when he got a call from Han Na. He had to go out to meet Han Na, thereby spoiling Jae Hee’s plans. It turned out that it’s Han Na’s birthday too. She insisted Tae Joon buy her a gift.

    She took her to Etude House. Here, one of the sales ladies recognized Tae Joon and blurted out Tae Joon’s visit earlier that day. Han Na was suspicious about who he could be buying a gift for.

    Eun Gyeol, who is already dating Hong Dang Moo, is having second thoughts about continuing their relationship. After Hong Dang Moos’ violin audition, he decided to talk to her. Hong Dang Moo already senses what he is about to say so she broke things up with them before Eun Gyeol even said anything about it.

    Han Na confronted Jae Hee. She started searching Jae Hee’s things and found the moisturizer Tae Joon bought for her. While trying to get it back from Han Na, the moisturizer dropped and broke.

    Dorm 2 track and field team, including some of the members of the high jump team, is going on a training camp. Eun Gyeol misses Jae Hee so he decided to join the training camp, despite the objections of the coach.

    Jae Hee and Tae Joon have a lot of cutesy scenes this episode including the cooking scene where Tae Joon created a face from a potato.

    Paint ball war has arrived. Jae Hee strived to avoid being hit because the losers will traipse around in their undies. When Jae Hee was injured, both Tae Joon and Eun Gyeol come to her rescue. She escaped the punishment but was feeling faint so she was taken to the school doctor. The school doctor asked her how long she will masquerade as a boy since she can no longer hide her body in tight wraps and constraints as it is compromising her health.

    Meanwhile, Tae Joon’s dad is planning to take Tae Joon to Canada where he will be trained. Han Na overheard this so she went to the training camp to break the news to Tae Joon. He accompanies her home, leaving Jae Hee with Eun Gyeol.

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    To The Beautiful You Episode 8 Fashion Recap:

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Typical Cha Eun Gyeol To The Beautiful You fashion: loose-fitting tee from Customellow, skinny pants and soccer shoes. Throw in a huge backpack and you’re ready to go.


    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion Adidas

    As you probably know, Eun Gyeol loves wearing clothes and accessories that make a statement. Here’s another one: the Adidas Originals Ls Angel Tee with the creator Jeremy Scott’s image in front and a “Made In Heaven” print at the back.

    Get The Tee:

    To The Beautiful You Adidas LS Angel Tee Lee Hyun Woo

    Lee Hyun Woo Adidas Ls Angel Tee

    Adidas Ls Angel Tee

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    Eun Gyeol mixes plaid prints with his button down shirt worn as a sweater and his plaid pants. To complete the equestrian look that is actually popular this Fall/Winter 2012, get yourself a nice pair of knee-high boots.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Sorry for the photo quality. I couldn’t capture a proper image of Hong Dang Moo wearing her audition outfit. She dons a cute blazer from On & On and puts it over her collared top from CC Collect and pleated skirt.

    Get Her Blazer:

    To The Beautiful You Blazer

    On & On Blazer, 154,860 Won (available in a different color)

    Get Her Top:

    To The Beautiful You fashion

    CC Collect C122 MSC 062 Top, 89,780 Won

    Hong Dang Moo shoes

    I particularly love her mary jane shoes that she exchanged with Eun Gyeol. Put socks on to get a retro feel. You can also don knee-high socks for a mod feel to it.

    Kim Ji Won To The Beautiful You

    It’s a taboo to wear shades at night but I guess if you are as popular as Han Na purportedly is, you can do so. Shades with a semi-cat eye shape are hot this season, especially if the rim and the handles are bejeweled.

    Kim Ji Won To The Beautiful You Fashion

    LBD is your best friend girls. Han Na pairs hers up with black sandals adorned with cut out ankle straps.

    Get A Similar Dress:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion


    Cello, Gorgeous Dress, $99.99, ModCloth

    Kim Ji Won To The Beautiful You

    Her bag of choice is this studded chain strap leather bag. Studs add edgy and urban flair to ensembles.

    Kim Ji Won To The Beautiful You

    This white cape dress is so dreamy! Love its Tom Ford-meets-Giambattista Valli Fall 2011 vibe. You can go monochrome or follow what Han Na did here by using pink platform shoes for a pop of color. Don’t like colorful shoes? Go metallic.

    Seo Jun Young To The Beautiful You

    Seung Ri’s shirts are interesting. This sweater, for instance, has a long side pocket.

    Hwang Kwang Hee To The Beautiful You

    Jong Min’s Skull Sweater is from G By Guess. Skull prints are everywhere! From Alexander McQueen to Betsey Johnson, skull print has wormed its way into fashion. If you don’t like skull-printed sweaters, opt for skull-printed scarves or skull rings and bracelets.

    Get Jong Min’s Sweater:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion


    G By Guess Skull Print Sweater, 59,000 Won

    Min Ho To The Beautiful You

    Tae Joon is mostly in heavy sports attire – so are the other boys but the rest often have styles that feature statement pieces. Tae Joon’s style, on the other hand, is boyishly safe – put together but not attention-grabbing.

    Lee Young Eun To The Beautiful You

    Teacher Lee So Jung also participates in the training. She dons a loose top and denim shorts which are both from Thursday Island. You can’t see it here but she was wearing brown booties.

    Get Her Top:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion


    Thursday Island Top, 139,000 Won

    Get Her Shorts:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Thursday Island Shorts, 99, 740Won

    Ki Tae Young

    Dr. Jang Min Woo shows guys that powder blue shirts with floral print will not lessen your masculinity. In fact, it might serve to heighten it when paired with slim pants and a pair of kick-ass leather booties or high-top sneakers.
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