To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 7

  • To The Beautiful You Review Episode 7: Kang Tae Joon and Goo Jae Hee were talking when Jae Hee accidentally stumbled on a pole. Tae Joon, with very good reflexes if I might add, caught her. This is the scene that Han Na and Eun Gyeol saw. Han Na is also becoming more suspicious of Jae Hee.

    An after party ensued after the activities. Han Na displayed her aegyeo and singing abilities here, which made Jae Hee a bit jealous. She sought the comfort of the school dog Sangchu. Tae Joon saw her leave and found her at Sangchu’s house. They talked while Han Na looks from afar.

    Meanwhile, a school renovation caused the faculty to transfer the students to different dorms. Three people will now occupy a dorm. Eun Gyeol, after bribing a school mate ends up as the dorm mate of Tae Joon and Jae Hee.

    Eun Gyeol and Jae Hee are becoming even closer. Eun Gyeol even helped her find the missing necklace in the pool without knowing that it is actually Tae Joon’s. Tae Joon, on the other hand, grows jealous of the closeness of the two. He tries to mask it with his usual gruff attitude.

    Tae Joon is still having a difficult time in high jump. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t seem to make the jumps as well as he used to. He is constantly being annoyed by his rival, Hyun Jae.

    Jae Hee noticed a DVD in Tae Joon’s stuff. She asked him if he already saw the movie and Tae Joon answered tersely. It seems like the movie is very important to him.

    Han Na got tips that she should ask Michelle Kim about Jae Hee because they went to the same middle school in the U.S.

    Some Dorm 2 members headed by Jong Min tried to pull a prank on Jae Hee by calling her to the abandoned building and scaring her while they were dressed as ghouls. But they ended up scaring Dorm 1 leader and members. Jae Hee, on the other hand, was unintentionally locked by the school guard inside one of the rooms while she was searching for the missing necklace.

    Tae Joon noticed her absence and tried to find her. He eventually found her in the building and saved her. Here he confided to her about the importance of the movie they were discussing earlier. It turned out that he watched the movie with his mom but was unable to finish it. After the competition, he went home to find his mom already dead. He then asked Jae Hee if she wants to see the whole movie with him.

    Looks like Han Na is on to something. She got ahold of Jae Hee’s middle school year book but was unable to find him in the boys’ list.

    Tae Joon got Jae Hee’s mail from her brother. He found out that was her birthday. He then went out to get her a gift. Eun Gyeol also found out about Jae Hee’s birthday so he had the necklace he found earlier at the pool wrapped in a box, intending to give it to her. He ends up hugging her out of the blue.

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    To The Beautiful You Episode 7 Fashion Recap:

    Kim Ji Won To The Beautiful You

    It’s not very clear here in the photo but Han Na is toting a green skull-printed, rhinestones-adorned J. Estina Luxe Skull Clutch. It is the same bag seen used by SNSD members Jessica and Soo Young.

    It is reminiscent to the Alexander McQueen’s clutch bags. Minaudiere bags are not very useful but if you do not often bring a lot of stuff with you or if you have a separate bag for your other essentials, this will make a wonderful evening bag.

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    I like how the tiny details of their outfits bring the whole ensemble to life. Such is the case of Eun Gyeol’s studded belt. And how interesting is his vest? One side is a vest and the other is a suspender. Talk about making a statement!

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion

    Here we see the studded belt again. The red-on-red combo is so easy on the eyes if they are not in the same shade.

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    See Eun Gyeol’s sweater? It’s the same attention-grabbing Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott ObyO JS Keyboard sweater Sandara Park once wore while jogging. It has a matching sweat pants.

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    A closer look at the print. A very kitschy choice but definitely a must-have if you are into making a statement.

    Min Ho Shinee To The Beautiful You

    Tae Joon is wearing a white button down top and tan cropped pants – his usual get up. He pairs it up with a v-neck cardigan that looks great if you are after the preppy look.

    Goo Jae Hee is wearing a shirt from Ragrouse Stripe Sleeve Shirt (108,00o Won).

    Min Ho To The Beautiful You

    I’m not a huge fan of camouflage prints, even in menswear, but if the colors are like what Tae Joon is wearing here, i’m okay with it. His jacket is from Stone Island.

    Get A Similar Jacket:

    To The Beatiful You Fashion Episode 7

    Basezoo Fleece Jacket,$22.62

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    What I really love about Eun Gyeol’s To The Beautiful You Fashion is that he is not afraid to mix bold colors into his outfits. I guess that’s the thing about Korean actors and actresses. Women can wear menswear and men can wear womenswear and get away with it.

    Pink and grey is a pretty color combination with the latter downplaying the saccharine sweetness of the former.Eun Gyeol and Hong Dang Moo’s outfits are from Bike Repair Shop.

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Love Eun Gyeol’s unisex studded bag reminiscent of Marc Jacobs leather hand bags. Studded bags are all the rage these days. Some are even adorned with spikes. They add a contemporary edge to your outfits.

    Get A Similar Bag:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Nicole Lee USA Studded Satchel Bag, $69.99

    To The Beautiful You Kim Ji Won Fashion

    Bundle up with a cozy wool sweater from Rosebullet like Han Na’s. Something in pastel color should brighten up cold fall or winter days.

    Lee Young Eun To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Leather high waisted skirts are popular these days. They are best paired with sweet and feminine tops as they create a good balance.  Creating balance is the key to a stylish  and tasteful ensemble. Teacher Lee So Jung’s structured top with sleeve print detail (not available online) is from System.

    Get A Similar Skirt:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Free People Vegan Leather Pleated Skirt, $148.00

    Seo Jun Young To The Beautiful You

    Seo Jun Young Fashion

    Seung Ri leans more towards grunge fashion. He likes his distressed vests and rolled up sleeves. His denim vest is actually a denim jacket from DOHC. The stylists removed the sleeves and distressed the edges for a grunge look.

    Get His Denim Top:

    Seung Ri To The Beautiful You Fashion

    DOHC Denim Top, 89,000 Won

    Seo Jun Young To The Beautiful You

    Seung Ri’s distressed shirt from TBJ here is totally rad. I like how the sleeves look like they were dip-dyed. It has a rustic appeal.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    The teachers of To The Beautiful You. Plaid and tweed are right in the alley of Fall 2012. It’s so Tory Burch. Take a cue from Teacher Lee So Jung and wear cropped tweed jackets over your simple shirts and skinny pants. A nice pair of chunky-heeled booties should complete your look.



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