To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 6

  • To The Beautiful You Review Episode 6: Daniel fetched Jae Hee at the school and was on their way to the airport. Daniel asked her if she really wanted to go back to the states without seeing Tae Joon jump. This is the day Tae Joon jumps again in the competition. It’s like a qualifying round or something.

    Meanwhile, Han Na finally saw the bag containing her uniform which Jae Hee sneaked into her car the day before. She found a light-up bracelet in the bag that she once saw in Tae Joon’s and Jae Hee’s room. She immediately jumped into conclusions.

    During the competition Tae Joon was not able to do a successful jump the first time. It was only when Jae Hee decided to go back and see him that he made the jump.

    Han Na caught up with Jae Hee and told her about the bracelet. While she was making accusations, Tae Joon showed up. He rescued Jae Hee by showing the same bracelet.

    News of Tae Joon’s failed attempt to do the first high jump quickly spread. It hurt his reputation a little but Tae Joon doesn’t look fazed and seems to be more determined to go back to the top.

    It is time for dorm competitions again and they are looking for someone to represent for the Miss Genie competition. Dorm 2 leader Seung Ri is thinking of choosing Jae Hee. Jae Hee didn’t want to originally but she agreed if Seung Ri also agrees to vouch for Tae Joon and talk to the coach to let him go back to the team.

    Eun Gyeol and Hong Dang Moo are also going out frequently. Although she seems like a nice girl, Eun Gyeol still couldn’t commit himself to her because of his feelings for Jae Hee that creeps up unexpectedly. Tae Joon, on the other hand, continues with his training and Jae Hee is there to support him all the way.

    The day of the school fair came and dorm 2 was busy with their café. The guys are playing baristas and waiters. Hong Dang Moo even came to the school to visit Eun Gyeol.

    The evening’s highlight is the Miss Genie competition. The candidates are dressed up like a girl. Jae Hee was also being prepped up. While changing, someone took her clothes. Luckily, Tae Joon saw the culprit. This is also the same person who has been pranking Jae Hee before. He returned her clothes and she went out to the stage looking like a real girl, stunning everyone who saw her.

    Tae Joon also found out that Jae Hee did this because of him. After the competition, Jae Hee went to Tae Joon to thank him for saving her. Tae Joon also thanked her for the favor she did to him.

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    To The Beautiful You Fashion Recap Episode 6:

    To The Beautiful You Sulli

    Jae Hee’s To The Beautiful You Episode 6 button down shirt, cropped pants and rubber shoes can be translated to women’s wear. Tie the end of the shirt over your midriff for that retro look and then pull your pants up to your waist. Roll the hem of the cropped pants a little just to make the proportions right. Instead of rubber shoes, opt for tasseled loafers or oxford shoes.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Episode 6

    We can see a lot of denim in To The Beautiful You Episode 6. Earlier in the episode, Hong Dang Moo wears a studded sleeveless denim vest over a dainty dress. Romantic mixed with rocker look definitely works to dull out the saccharine sweetness of dresses. In this outfit, she pulls a light denim jacket with pin adornment from Tommy Hilfiger over her straight dress.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Hong Dang Moo looks pretty in this knitted red dress from Satin (costs 498,000 won). I like the inverted heart pattern of the knit. She pairs it up with a small satchel bag from It’s Back Its Bag (228,000 won) and ankle-strap platform shoes.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Kim Ji Won

    Han Na injects metallic and glitter to her outfit again. She opted for a dress with classic button down style top and glitter skirt from Comptoir Des Cotonnier. You can’t see it from the photo but she is wearing a pair of equestrian-style ankle booties with chunky heels which is actually a fall season 2012 trend.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Sulli

    The second female to wear denim is Jae Hee. She wears it over her shirt. Denim jackets are also great paired with pop art shirts or graphic-printed tees.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Their teacher also dons a denim button down top. Hers is from Toss Girl. This time, she buttons it up and wears it with pants. I think she wore it with pants although I couldn’t really see clearly. But this is also great for short shorts during the summer season. Something with pastel color would be nice.

    Get The Denim Button Down Top:


    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Toss Girl Denim Button Down Top, 29,900 Won

    To The Beautiful You Hwang Kwang Hee

    I dub Jong Min the King of Kitsch. He likes statement pieces. This time, he replaced his scarf with this cute dragon fly brooch/pin.

    To The Beautiful You Sulli

    Finally a real girl style from Jae Hee! She looks uber sweet in this see-through top with frills, laces and dots. Love the gold-tone bow ring as well.

    To The Beautiful You Sulli

    When they decided to make her look like a girl, they really did it with aplomb because she couldn’t have looked girlier with this ensemble. Organza skirt ad lacey top? It screams feminine. She also has on a white curly cues platform shoes.

    Her top and skirt are both from Valentino. Her shoes are from Sue Comma Bonnie.

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    Sulli Fashion

    Iconic Presence Top, $35.99, ModCloth

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    Sulli Fashion

    Prima and Proper Skirt, $57.99, Jack by BB Dakota

    To The Beautiful You Kim Ji Won

    Han Na’s dress in this episode is reminiscent to the one she wore in her photoshoot in the first episode. I think it’s from the same brand, only a different color. The silhouette is the same too. She wore her glitter silver pumps from To The Beautiful You Episode 2.

    Get A Similar Dress:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Cali Caliente Dress, $97.99, ModCloth