To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 5

  • To The Beautiful You Review Episode 5: After telling Jae Hee to leave, Kang Tae Joon saw a message from Jae Hee addressed to Mr. Holten. Tae Joon found out that in the past, Jae Hee suffered from bullying. It was only after she saw Tae Joon’s jump that she had the courage to fight back. She gained the motivation she needed and she joined the track and field team because of him. This is when Tae Joon really understood where Jae Hee is coming from. He then stopped her from leaving.

    Tae Joon also became motivated. He started training again to get back into high jump. He still has a long way to go before he can really get back on track. His persistence to get back into the team also irked fellow high jumper Hyun Jae. Their PE teacher also has not forgiven Tae Joon for quitting easily.

    Jae Hee, after not pursuing with the plans of her going back to the states, has been dodging her brother’s calls. Eun Gyeol, her constant companion, has been dodging the calls of his classmate from elementary as well.

    Tae Joon, still with his new-found determination, asked his manager if he can get back into high jumping again. His manager agreed after some thought.

    Han Na sneaked into the school and went inside Jae Hee and Tae Joon’s dorm room. She noticed the light-up bracelet Jae Hee bought. Jae Hee entered the room and saw Han Na. Luckily, she was able to hide the uniform she borrowed (more like stolen) from her before she noticed it.

    Cha Eun Gyeol finally met up with Hong Dang Moo, his childhood friend. Looks like there’s a budding romance here if only Eun Gyeol isn’t confused with his feelings for Jae Hee.

    Jae Hee managed to sneak the bag with Han Na’s uniform in it in her car. While sneaking away, her brother showed up. Her brother threatened to talk to the school officials. While they were arguing, Dr. Jang Min Woo walked by.

    Jae Hee also found out that Tae Joon was rejected by the coach. She feels regretful because she is making Tae Joon suffer due to her request that he jump again.

    The doctor managed to let Jae Hee’s brother see her perspective and why she is so determined to stay in the school. In the end, her brother capitulated with the request that she come back once she has seen Tae Joon jump again.

    It was Tae Joon’s mom’s death anniversary and he went back to their house to commemorate it. Jae Hee learned from Eun Gyeol about the importance of this day. When “Tae Joon” texted her to go to the school swimming pool, she immediately thought Tae Joon wanted comfort. She went there but didn’t find Tae Joon. Earlier in the episode, it was shown that someone has been playing mean tricks on Jae Hee.

    It turned out that the person pranking her was the one who sent the message. He shoved Jae Hee into the pool. After learning from Eun Gyeol that Jae Hee received a text message that supposedly came from him, Tae Joon rushed to the pool. They saved Jae Hee from drowning. However, he also lost the necklace with the ring given to him by his mother.

    Jae Hee went back into the pool and tried to find the necklace, since it couldn’t be found he ask the pool management companies staff to look out for it. Because of all the trouble he put Tae Joon in, she started packing her stuff to go back to the states.

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    To The Beautiful You Fashion Recap Episode 5:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Episode 15

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Jae Hee’s oppa sure knows how to dress up. Even Dr. Jang Min Woo is dazzled by Daniel’s impeccable sense of style. I’m sure someone with equally impeccable taste will find his suit drool-worthy but to me, his bag and shoes take the cake. A handbag can now be toted by men. There are lots of unisex leather bags out there so chuck the archaic briefcase out and opt for a satchel such as Daniel’s.

    To The Beautiful You Lee Hyun Woo

    To The Beautiful You’s Cha Eun Gyeol loves his pop art shirts. I love this casual collared shirt with that quirky print. So laid-back yet eye-catching. Pair it up with casual denim cropped pants like what Eun Gyeol did. A pair of canvas loafers should give it a nice finishing look. His shirt is from Head but unavailable in their site.


    HeadSports JHTM28211WH

    To The Beautiful You Lee Hyun Woo

    Eun Gyeol’s To The Beautiful You Fashion is really the edgiest among the boys. He is wearing semi-fitted checkered pants. He lets his plain oversized black shirt just hang loosely over his pants. To give the look an edgier appeal, he added a long necklace and wore high-top rubber shoes.

    You can also see his childhood sweetheart who he fondly calls Hong Dang Moo. Hong Dang Moo has a romantic, feminine style. Finally! Some twee! I have been waiting for someone to dress up twee style for a long time now.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Episode 15

    Love her embellished collar. It has tiny floral gold-tone embroidery. Sometimes, the tiny details speak loud fashion volumes.

    To The Beautiful You Drama

    She completes this uber sweet high waisted skirt+collared top look with a chain-strapped purse and nude ankle-strap platforms. Both her top and skirt are from Satin.

    To The Beautiful You Kim Ji Won

    Han Na’s sporty fashion. She is wearing a hoodie from Whole Hauss. To The Beautiful You fashion is saturated with sporty fashion so if you are into sporty looks, this is the drama to watch and take style tips from.

    To The Beautiful You Kim Ji Won

    She goes for the sweet style in here with this black number. Remember what they said about LBDs? Something with this silhouette really works so well. Very classy but stylish at the same time. LBDs like this also go a along way as they have a timeless silhouette.

    To The Beautiful You Korean Drama

    Tae Joon’s manager wears pajama-ish pants I’m not too crazy over. If it was a tad fitter, it would have looked better. Love the idea of pairing it with a loose top though.

    To The Beautiful You Korean Drama

    What I really like is the print on her top. It has pretty scribble print with bows. If you can’t actually wear bows on your hair because you think you’re too old for it, you might as well have something printed on your clothes, right?

    To The Beautiful You Korean Drama

    She paired this up with gold-tone, glittery platforms.