To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 4

  • To The Beautiful You Episode 4 Review: Following the previous episode when Jae Hee took off with that guy who we now identified as Chang Young, Tae Joon was sensing something amiss. He followed Jae Hee in a bike and got there in time to save her from the evil clutches of one perverted Chang Young who already knew Jae Hee is a girl.

    Tae Joon got into a fight with Chang Young and the latter escaped. Jae Hee was injured so Tae Joon was forced to carry her piggyback style. Seriously, what kind of Korean drama is this without a piggyback moment? Lol.

    Back at the pension house, everyone was getting worried about the two. They started a search and eventually found Tae Joon and Jae Hee. Eun Gyeol tried to cheer up Jae Hee with his antics.

    On the way back to the school, Jae Hee got a message from her older brother. It turned out that her older brother is coming to Seoul for a visit. Soon after, Tae Joon and Han Na had to do a commercial shoot. Here, Jae Hee saw an opportunity to borrow Han Na’s school uniform.

    She then went to meet her brother in the uniform. Her brother took her shopping and even bought her a new phone. Coincidentally, Tae Joon was having a fan signing event at the same mall. Knowing her sister’s devotion to Tae Joon, he insisted that Jae Hee go to the fan signing event. Here she was almost recognized by Han Na.

    Later that day, Tae Joon’s manager talked to him about the possibility of an early retirement. This put Tae Joon in a brooding, contemplative mood.

    The doctor set an appointment with Jae Hee’s brother to discuss Tae Joon’s Yips Syndrome. He then asked Jae Hee to act as a translator. Not knowing it was actually her brother, she agreed. His brother then learned of her deception and told her to go back to the states.

    While they were arguing, Tae Joon was overhearing their conversation. He overheard everything including the fact that Jae Hee is a girl. He then asked her to move out of the dorm and go back to the US.

    To The Beautiful You Episode 4 Fashion Recap:

    To The Beautiful You Lee Hyun Woo

    Cha Eun Gyeol is wearing this guitar-printed jacket, which I think is quite adorable. It’s the Adidas Jeremy Scott Guitar Track Top created for menswear but women can also bundle up in this quirky piece.

    Get The Jacket:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Guitar Track Top, $110.00, Adidas x Jeremy Scott

    To The Beautiful You Lee Hyun Woo

    Eun Gyeol has the hippest fashion sense. He pairs up denim with prints. Love his patchwork shorts from Tommy Hilfiger and graphic-printed top. To add more interest to his outfit, he has a nifty camera-printed bag from Viamonoh which costs about 18,000 won. Then he caps off the look with a straw hat. Great for summer, isn’t it?

    Get A Similar Bag:

    Blingstyle shoulder bag


    To The Beautiful You Lee Hyun Woo

    Check out his cuff bracelet. The engravings are quite interesting and something that you can use if you want to make a statement.

    To The Beautiful You Kim Ji Won

    Ha Na is wearing an eyelet top with ruffled collar from Egoist that costs 218,000 won. When wearing denim pants, add more feminine flair to it by donning sweet tops like this ruffled one. It’s actually reminiscent to the top Jang Ma Ri wore in Big Episode 5.

    To The Beautiful You Hwang Kwang Hee

    Green and yellow is such an easy color combination to make. Here Jong Min is wearing a polka-dotted green button down top. He uses his yellow cardigan like a scarf.

    To The Beautiful You  Episode 4

    Group photo before they head back to Seoul!

    To The Beautiful You Kim Ji Won

    Jang Ma Ri had the same glitter bag in Big Korean Drama Episode 10. It’s actually the J. Estina Christmas Angelica Bag so popular amongst female Korean celebs and toted by artists like SNSD. Glitter bags really make a statement when wearing school outfits.

    Get The Bag:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Bag

    J. Estina Christmas Angelica Bag, 448,00 Won

    Get A Similar Bag:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    GoJane Metallic Sequin Bag, $40.30

    To The Beautiful You Sulli

    Jae Hee in a girly outfit! I’m not too crazy about the top though. I thought the fit was a little off. It made her look frumpy. I like the back detail of the sweater though. It has a pretty bow at the back which you can’t see here.

    To The Beautiful You Sulli

    To The Beautiful You Sulli

    Leather backpacks are also all the rage today especially in the younger generations. Whether you are traveling or just going out with friends, it’s a great bag to have around.

    To The Beautiful You

    The teachers all have impeccable style as well. Lee So Jung teacher combines colors so well. Yellow, black and the pop of red violet creates an interesting look. Her low wedge booties made the look a tad more casual and youthful. We ID’d the coach’s bag. It’s from Monsac.

    Lee So Jung’s top is from Kate Spade and her skirt is from System.

    To The Beautiful You

    Looks like polka dots is the M.O. in this episode of To The Beautiful You. It is again echoed by Tae Joon’s manager. She can really pull of a romper, can’t she? She tries on the color block look by using a contrasting shade of green shoes.

    Her romper is from Creamstitch although it is no longer available in their Korean online site.


    To The Beautiful You Min Ho

    To The Beautiful You Min Ho

    Tae Joon’s sweater is actually the same one Jae Hee wore in episode 1, but only in back.



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