To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 3

  • To The Beautiful You Review: A drunken Tae Joon kissed Jae Hee and immediately passed out. Unbeknownst to them, their kissing photo was being taken by someone. Tae Joon has no recollection of what transpired when got drunk. But a photo of him and Jae Hee circulating around the school quickly got him updated.

    Tae Joon got into a fight with his rival Ha Neul over the photo but it was smoothed out by Jae Hee. She claimed that everyone does it in the states so it’s pretty normal for people to kiss. She even demonstrated it to Eun Gyeol.

    Eun Gyeol and Jae Hee spent a day out with two girls. The two are forming a closer bond and Eun Gyeol couldn’t be more confused with his feelings. While waiting for Eun Gyeol, Jae hee saw the school dog Sangchu running on the streets. Earlier, Tae Joon took Sangchu to the vet but she escaped. Jae Hee ran after Sanchu and saved her from being run over by a car.

    They also bumped into Tae Joon who was looking for Sangchu. Here the two had a chance to talk and formed a temporary truce.

    Dorm 2 leader Seung Ri invited some of his dorm mates to go to their pension house. It being near the beach where they could spy on some sexy girls, they immediately agreed to go. When they got there, there was a catch. Seung Ri’s mom needed help organizing and finishing the pension house.

    One of Seung Ri’s relative (or is he a family friend?), picked them up. He looks like he is noticing something amiss with Jae Hee. Perhaps he is picking up girl signals?

    Tae Joon accompanied by the school doctor Min Woo also arrived. It turned out that Min Woo is actually Seung Ri’s uncle. Han Na also found out from their manager that Tae Joon is at the pension house. She immediately followed him there.

    Jae Hee confronted Ha Neul about the photo as she suspects it was him who took the picture. Ha Neul denied doing it.

    Meanwhile, everyone is taking advantage of the pension house’s spa. Thinking everyone is already done using it, Jae Hee went ahead and used it. Unfortunately, Han Na also went to the spa so she hid. Eun Gyeol thought Jae Hee is using the spa so he immediately joined in. To his mortification, it was actually Han Na using it and not Jae Hee. Han Na was mad at him and hit him in the head repeatedly.

    Seung Ri’s relative ( I really didn’t catch his name, sorry) asked Jae Hee to go with him to the store to buy some things. But he looks like he is planning something.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Recap:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Cha Eun Gyeol To The Beautiful You Fashion consists of a fitted shirt and denim pants. Simple as that may sound, he does a lot of things to amp up his look. In this outfit, he adds a scarf and wears mismatched rubber shoes with wings. It’s not seen here but he is wearing a small boombox style bag as well.

    Get His Shoes:

    To The Beautiful You Cha Eun Gyeol Fashion

    Adidas Jeremy Scott White Blue Red Wings 2.0 Air Force Flag Sneaker, $90.99

    To The Beautiful You

    Perforated shirts are popular these days. You can pick one just like Eun Gyeol’s with perforated shoulders. Translate it to feminine style by tucking this shirt in colourful high waisted skirt or wearing oversized perforated shirts with skinny pants.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    I love pop art shirts and accessories and I couldn’t be happier when Eun Gyeol wore one. It offers a touch of vintage feel to it, don’t you think? Invest in pop art shirts and dress them up with pleated skirts and chunky-heeled booties or oxford shoes. 90’s fashion, yeah?

    Get The Shirt:

    Jeremy Scott Adidas JS Surfing Gorilla T-Shirt, £24.77

    To The Beautiful You fashion

    How cool is this scene? I heard they are using the same filming technology used in The Matrix.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Thank you Tae Joon for posing for us! I always love Tae Joon’s To The Beautiful You fashion. He usually just wears colourful cropped pants and button down sleeved shirt. He also pulls on a light cardigan over his button down top just like in this photo. For a cooler look, wear printed socks.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Checkered shirts galore for the guys! Here’s how you can translate this silhouette into feminine style. Get a pair of high waisted denim shorts or distressed denim shorts and fitted checkered top. Tuck the checkered top in your denim shorts or tie it over your midriff for a summery feel.

    Cha Eun Gyeol’s checkered top is from Customellow. Goo Jae Hee is using this rucksack in this episode:

    To The Beautiful You Bag

    Eastpak By Kris Van Assche, $190.00

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Jong Min rivals the doctor in style. Instead of the usual necktie, he opts for a scarf to complete make his look unique. Then he styles it up even further with a colourful belt.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    I spy Yazbukey Karl Lagerfeld pin! It retails for $129.00. Yes, $129.00 for a pin!

    To The Beautiful You

    Check out the fan girls’ accessories. It reminds me so much of Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl season 1.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    I always look forward to Han Na’s To The Beautiful You Fashion. Here she again boosts up her looks by adding metallic touches to her outfit like her gold belt.

    To The Beautiful You

    I’m not a huge fan of hi-lo or asymmetrical skirts. But if it’s something with this exact same shade of yellow, I might reconsider. Her luggage and crossbody purse are from Sonovi. They are currently unavailable but you can check out similar finds from their website.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Floral tops never get old. Han Na pairs her floral top with pink shorts. She ties her top over her midriff.

    Get A Similar Top:

    To The Beautiful You Clothing

    Romwe Floral Denim Vest, $24.99

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Love the color of Jae Hee’s BSX top (costs 49,800 won but currently unavailable in this color online). White matches so well with pastels. It adds a glow to the complexion.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    It’s so easy to achieve the Jae Hee laid-back look and translate it to female style. Get the same elements, only in a feminine version such as a striped/checkered top and fitted cropped pants or shorts. Instead of rubber shoes, opt for heeled oxfords.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Seung Ri is rocking pleather with this sleeveless number. It’s definitely lighter and great for warmer seasons.



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