To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 2

  • To The Beautiful You Review: Jae Hee has smoothly evaded the school doctor after he confronted her about her gender. Meanwhile, Tae Joon was brooding and sullenly coping after he did not make the jump. His father visited him at the school and slapped him thinking he did it on purpose. Tae Joon was resigned to the whole situation and declared that he is throwing his high jump career away.

    Jae Hee was still having trouble getting in the good graces of Tae Joon but he capitulated with the terms that Jae Hee will not inconvenience him or cause trouble. She was also constantly avoiding the doctor.

    A sports competition is keeping the dorm leaders of To The Beautiful You’s all-boys school Genie Physical Education High School busy. Competitive as usual, they were preparing their dorm members for the upcoming sports battle.

    Meanwhile, a reporter is courting Tae Joon for an interview but he ignored the request. Seol Han Na was also pestering Tae Joon with her smothering attention.

    After being injured in their marathon practice, Jae Hee had to go to the clinic. The doctor and Tae Joon walked in so she hid. She overheard them talking about Tae Joon’s possible Yips Syndrome, a condition that disabled him from being active in sports. After Tae Joon left, the doctor told Jae Hee to come out as he has already noticed her presence. He threatened to call the school officals to let them know about the presence of a girl in the school but Jae Hee talked him out of it.

    Jae Hee and Eun Gyeol’s friendship is also getting better. And by the looks of it, Eun Gyeol is developing feelings much more than friendship, much to his confusion.

    Jae Hee was approached by the reporter to get more information about Tae Joon but she refused as well. Tae Joon’s rival, Min Hyun Jae played by Kang Ha Neul, found Tae Joon’s clinic records. We are assuming he was the one who leaked the records as it was made public the next day. Tae Joon then placed the blame on Jae Hee.

    The day of the competition came and Dorm 1 and 2 are doing great. Dorm 2 leader Ha Seung Ri, played by Seo Joon Young, needed Tae Joon to win in the high jump competition but he is nowhere to be found. To save him from having to play high jump again, Jae Hee volunteered for the marathon and promised to win it. She won it even after the foul tricks played by Dorm 3.

    During the celebration we see EXO do an intermission number. Everyone was having a great time. We realized Tae Joon actually has a strange habit of kissing the first person he sees whenever he drinks alcohol and eats chocolate at the same time. Who do you think he kissed?

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    To The Beautiful You Fashion Recap:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Though a bit uppity, you can’t help but adore her To The Beautiful You fashion. I love her collared top. The collar is sequined (or is it glittered?). Lover her heart bracelet too.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    She paired her black and white top with a pair of white shorts. Look at Jae Hee’s face as Han Na executes a gymnastic position, whatever that is called. It’s difficult to get a photo of her shoes but she is wearing black wedge pumps with ankle straps.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Metallic accent is your best bet when amping up an evening look. Han Na chooses this tulle frock with a silver waist belt. Check out her purse as well. It’s a heart-shaped metallic purse that probably only fit her lipstick.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    What drew me to the look of Eun Gyeol was his watch which is the Timex Weekender Nato 101 watch. It’s like a medal, isn’t it? Since they are mostly in uniform and sports wear, they’re big on accessories in this drama.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Check out Eun Gyeol’s neon bracelets and heart-shaped necklace. His necklace looks like it could be a locket. Could there be a back story? Hmm…

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Eun Gyeol’s party look. I like how youthful and casual it looked when paired with cropped trousers. Here you can also see Han Na’s silver pumps. She is kind of matchy-matchy.

    To The Beautiful You

    School doctor Jang Min Woo looks impeccable all the time. He has an assortment of lens-less glasses and I love them all! Like the other guys in the drama, he also has on some neon bracelets.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Tae Joon keeps it fresh and simple with a plaid top. Here’s a trick to get your guy to wear pink clothes. Choose plaid print incorporated with secondary pink color. The dominant color should be mannish so they won’t be too fussy about wearing it. Tae Joon paired this up with cropped pants and a pair of loafers.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Ankle boots are actually trendy this upcoming fall season. Guys and girls can wear it with ease. For girls, choose those with chunky heels. They’d be great for dresses and even pants.

    To The Beautiful You

    Tae Joon’s manager’s To The Beautiful You Fashion. She carries a red purse. Jewel-tone bags are also trendy this season and the next.

    To The Beautiful You

    The school teachers! To The Beautiful You is seriously missing a pretty lady principal.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Leaving you guys with this inspiring quote *cue Jessica and Krystal’s song*


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