To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 14

  • To The Beautiful You Episode 14 Review: Kang Tae Joon refuses to see his dad who is in the hospital but Jae Hee managed to persuade him. But despite this, Tae Joon still harbors ill feelings towards his dad who was not there when his mom got ill.

    The incident with his dad left Tae Joon in a disturbed state. Not surprisingly, he botched up in his high jump practice.

    Cha Eun Gyeol who has been feeling down after not being able to attend the national game asked Jae Hee to see the game in his phone. Jae Hee still feels sorry about Eun Gyeol’s plight but Eun Gyeol brushed it off saying everything’s okay. Surprisingly, after struggling with his feelings for so long, he is becoming a tad more vocal about it to Jae Hee.

    After seeing the rapid decline of Tae Joon’s performance in high jump, Jae Hee tried to do something about it. She took him out to get some fresh air and to have some fun. After spending the day together, the two got closer. On their way home, Tae Joon voiced out his apprehensions about Jae Hee going back to the states. He impulsively kissed her, surprising both Jae Hee and himself.

    Jae Hee, who got a warning from Tae Joon to stay away from his affairs with his dad, braved his wrath and arranged a meeting for Tae Joon and his dad. His dad finally got the chance to tell him the truth about his mom’s illness. It turned out that his mom was diagnosed with cancer but refused to go under treatment. After straightening that out, he finally made peace with his father.

    Cha Eun Gyeol, with his usual habit of barging in another room’s toilet, suddenly barged in on Jae Hee who was undressing. He saw her bandaged chest and immediately came to the right conclusion – that Jae Hee is indeed a girl!

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    To The Beautiful You Episode 14 Fashion Recap:
    Seo Jun Young To The Beautiful You

    Seo Jun Young To The Beautiful You Fashion

    We finally see Seung Ri dressed in something other than a hospital gown. His green jacket served as a buffer to his monochromatic ensemble, thereby giving him a light, fresh and rugged aura. I love how the stylists ditched the rubber shoes and gave him dress shoes, something you don’t always see in this drama.

    Min Ho Shinee To The Beautiful You

    Kang Tae Joon’s red sweater is from Adidas. It looks like both of them are wearing the same shoes as well, thanks to the drama’s sponsor, New Balance.

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Goo Jae Hee is wearing a top from Lacoste Live.

    Min Ho Camera To The Beautiful You

    Who hasn’t been salivating over Tae Joon’s camera? I can’t believe I haven’t talked about it yet here but it’s the Samsung NX1000 Hybrid camera.

    Lee Young Eun To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Lee Young Eun To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Fashion-savvy teacher Lee So Jung dons a chic printed button down top, pink skinny pants and stiletto pumps. I love how versatile her style is and how she is not always delegated to chiffon tops and dainty skirts. No wonder the coach is smitten!

    Lee Young Eun To The Beautiful You

    Lee Young Eun To The Beautiful You

    Apparently, Lee So Jung pays more attention to her tops and keeps the bottom simple and structured. She gravitates towards printed and statement tops like this rabbit in shades/galaxy print top from On & On.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion


    Rabbit In Shades Collared Top, 163, 560 Won, On & On

     Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful Fashion

    I’m crazy about the backpacks they used in this episode too, particularly this huge box leather bag from Monsac toted by none other than Cha Eun Gyeol. How much stuff can I carry in that pack, I wonder?

    Get His Backpack:

    Cha Eun Gyeol To The Beautiful You Backpack

    Monsac Leather Backpack, 657,000 Won

    Sulli To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Goo Jae Hee’s simple leather bag with zippered pocket detail in front is also attention-grabbing. It’s actually reminiscent to Marc by Marc Jacobs’ zipper backpacks.

    To The Beautiful You Episode 14

    Did this scene put a smile on your face too?

    To The Beautiful You Episode 14 Fashion

    There are different kinds of Korean drama kiss. This one belongs to the startled-into-a-kiss type of kiss. Oh Tae Joon, you have to suppress your feelings better than that. And I can’t believe Jae Hee bought that alcohol and chocolate crap. Anyways, I think Tae Joon is using SJ striped top though I can’t find the exact color, only the colors they used in the previous episode.


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