To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 13

  • To The Beautiful You Review Episode 13: After the brief interlude at the village, Kang Tae Joon is feeling more at ease with his feelings for Goo Jae Hee. Meanwhile, Dr. Jang Min Woo is starting to suspect that Tae Joon knows Jae Hee is a girl. He sent a message to Jae Hee warning her to be wary of Tae Joon but accidentally sent it to Tae Joon instead. He then confirmed his suspicion that Tae Joon knows Jae Hee is a girl. However, he stops him from confessing to Jae Hee as this might prod her to go back to America.

    Min Hyun Jae is becoming more flustered and frustrated because he couldn’t beat Tae Joon. This drove him to do dirty stuff such as drop a flower vase and cut Tae Joon’s bicycle brakes in the hopes that he gets injured.

    Jae Hee caught him and saves Tae Joon from riding the bicycle. In her effort to save Tae Joon, she nearly got into an accident. Thankfully, Cha Eun Gyeol saved her although Eun Gyeol suffered from an injury that prevented him from playing in the national game.

    Hyun Jae was remorseful and he came clean immediately. He patched things up with both Eun Gyeol and Tae Joon.

    Now that his rivalry with Hyun Jae is resolved, there’s one thing left for Tae Joon to iron out: his relationship with his dad. He still holds his dad responsible for the death of his mom. Despite Jae Hee’s advice to patch things up with his dad, he couldn’t make himself do it. And then he got a message that his dad collapsed and is in the hospital.

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    To The Beautiful You Episode 13 Fashion Recap:

    Episode 13 is strangely bereft of sporty fashion. Most of the characters were in uniform and the rest are just not too interesting to report.

    Ki Tae Young To The Beautiful You Fashion

    The episode was deceptively promising though with Dr. Jang Min Woo’s fashion. Ditching the blazer and opting for a coat tied at the waist, this outfit is the most interesting one we have seen in this episode.

    To The Beautiful You

    Min Hyun Jae’s cute little sister visits Genie high school out of the blue. Hyun Jae finally gets some much-deserved air time after being in the sidelines for the most part of the series.

    To The Beautiful You Headphone

    To atone for this episode’s lack of fashion report, we’ll give you details on where to get Tae Joon’s headphone. One of our readers sent us an e-mail asking for the brand of Tae Joon’s headphone in To The Beautiful You.

    This is the Aerial 7 headphone. As you might have guessed, they removed the arrow logo from Tae Joon’s headphone but one of his classmates was using the same brand but in a different color. I couldn’t find the exact one Tae Joon is using but the grey one is the closest thing we can find.

    To The Beautiful You Fashion Episode 13


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