To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 12

  • To The Beautiful You Episode 12 Review: Goo Jae Hee, after Cha Eun Gyeol’s confession in the previous episode, now feels awkward around him. Kang Tae Joon, on the other hand, tries to fish for details on what Jae Hee and Eun Gyeol have been talking about previously but Jae Hee keeps mum about it.

    Jae Hee then decided to talk about Eun Gyeol’s confession to the school doctor, who then prescribed a weekend away from the school. Both Tae Joon and Eun Gyeol decided to tag along. The doctor also signed up teacher Lee So Jung and the track and field coach to help up with the volunteer mission. The volunteer mission involves going to a village to help the elderly out with their tasks.

    Meanwhile, Han Na finally told their manager about her “break-up” with Tae Joon. Seung Ri, who has been harboring a tendre for her, caught wind of this news.

    The trip to the village proved to be fruitful. Tae Joon, seeing the renewed closeness of Eun Gyeol and Jae Hee couldn’t take being the other guy anymore. At the end of the episode, we finally witness the beginning of a confession.

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    To The Beautiful You Episode 12 Fashion Recap:

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    We’ll start this episode’s fashion recap with Cha Eun Gyeol (again!). While he’s busy contemplating those boxes of milk, I was busy taking a good look at his outfit, which consists of a form-fitting distressed top (look at the hem and neckline details), cropped wool vest, cropped pants and rubber shoes. Win!

    Cha Eun Gyeol’s Vest is from Custom Mellow. The collection can be seen online but I’m not sure you can buy it from their site.

    Cha Eun Gyeol To The Beautiful You Clothes

    Wool Vest, 198,000 Won, Customellow

    Sulli To The Beautiful You

    This drama has been saturated with sweatshirts and polo shirts with either plain, striped or plaid print. Again, Jae Hee is seen sporting this summer-esque, nautical look. I’m not sure about this but I think it’s the:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion


    A.P.C Two Tone Striped Shirt, 155 €

    Sulli To The Beautiful You

    Sulli Fashion To The Beautiful You

    I like how the stylists manage to inject more feminine colors to Jae Hee’s wardrobe such as that coral-tone pair of shorts and her colorful beanie. Still trying to ID her beanie though as I find it über cute!

    Edit: Goo Jae Hee’s beanie is from SMB by Hat’s On. This line of beanies will still be introduced for the F/W 2012 season but you can check out their site for awesome hat finds.

    To The Beautiful You Beanie


    SMB by Hat’s On Beanies

    Let’s not forget to mention the stylish Dr. Jang Min Woo who is in his usual blazer, collared top and tailored pants ensemble. Satchel bags are very utilitarian and are slowly replacing the traditional briefcase bag for professionals.

    To The Beautiful You Episode 12 Fashion

    This outfit might look simple but Kang Tae Joon’s manager made it look extra special by adding collar necklace. If you check out this episode, you can also get a glimpse of her bell sleeves which could easily become too overwhelming if you don’t know how to style it properly. Keep accessories and the whole outfit’s silhouette classy and minimalistic to avoid looking overdressed.

    Lee Young Eun To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Ki Tae Young To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Take style tips from teacher Lee So Jung who opted for neutral colors in this scene. A simple knit sweater can look more stylish with the aid of a statement scarf which she used as a necktie/necklace in here. Do away with the metal accessories and let the scarf do the work.

    Lee Young Eun Fashion

    This floral outer is from The Tilbury

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Light denim button down tops make wonderful blazers. One with nifty details and graphic print such as Eun Gyeol’s also add more punch to your ensemble.

    Sulli To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Goo Jae Hee dons this sweater from Bike Repair Shop.

    To The Beautiful You Episode 12 Fashion

    Bike Repair Shop Sweater, 149,000KRWon

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion

    Layered looks from the three. But Eun Gyeol wins again with his short-sleeved hoodie+long-sleeved top combo.

    Sonovi To The Beautiful You

    Shameless plug. Lol! It’s from the drama’s sponsor Sonovi. I’m sure you spotted seen a lot of their bags, travel luggage and carry-ons in the past episodes. In fact, Han Na did a photoshoot in episode 1 showcasing the bags from this brand.

    Sonovi To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Sonovi Keith Haring Travel Carry On, 154,000KRWon

    Sulli Fashion To The Beautiful You

    See what I mean? The bags keep popping out.

    Sonovi To The Beautiful You Bags

    Sonovi Cruise Luggage, 388,000KRWon

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Funny scene where Eun Gyeol poses with what looks like a goguma! Tae Joon’s plaid shirt (which you can’t easily see in this photo) is from Bike Repair Shop. I can’t find it in their online store but I saw it in the photos of one of their stores.

    Korean Drama Fashion