To The Beautiful You Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 11

  • To The Beautiful You Episode 11 Review: After Seol Han Na’s public announcement of their “relationship”, Kang Tae Joon is in a stir. He confronted Han Na about it but the latter wouldn’t budge. She threatened to expose Jae Hee’s secret if Tae Joon spilled the real score about them.

    Cha Eun Gyeol feels understandably down after being rebuffed for the national team. He came back to the dorm only to find Jae Hee upset over something. He eventually deduced that Tae Joon must have been behind it. He confronts Tae Joon and confesses his feelings about Jae Hee to him.

    Han Na, with her mind preoccupied by the goings-on in her oppa’s life, got into an accident. This turned out to be a serious one as it threatened her career as a gymnast. Tae Joon broke the news to her about her possible retirement from the sports industry due to her injury.

    Han Na, after much thought, decided to let Tae Joon go. She also decided to keep Jae Hee’s secret, much to the relief of the Tae Joon.

    Jae Hee found out from Hyun Jae that Eun Gyeol has been missing for quite some time now. Feeling like an unsupportive friend, she decided to visit him at his house. Tae Joon, who now knows Eun Gyeol’s real feelings for Jae Hee, is wary about the closeness of the two. He then tries to stop Eun Gyeol from really confessing to Jae Hee.

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    To The Beautiful You Episode 11 Fashion Recap:

    Kim Ji Won  Fashion

    Last episode, we saw Han Na wearing a glittery high waisted skirt and top with cute butterfly wing collar. This episode, you can catch a glimpse of her whole outfit. She punctuated the look with her silver pumps and this union jack satchel bag that is from Paul’s Boutique.

    Get Her Bag:

    Seol Han Na To The Beautiful You Bag

    Alice Navy Union Jack Bag, £37.50, Paul’s Boutique

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You

    Cha Eun Gyeol outshined Tae Joon so hard in this fashion face-off. Although I’d give Tae Joon the benefit of the doubt seeing he isn’t really prepared for the confrontation. Eun Gyeol wore green coat from Chris Christy and fitted pants. It has a Parisian feel to it, particularly when he chose to zip the coat up and pair it with lace up boots.

    To The Beautiful You Cha Eun Gyeol Fashion


    Chris Christy Khaki Coat

    It’s also a good outfit to translate into womenswear. Pair up your skinny pants, ankle-high booties with this coat:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Romwe All Match Double Breasted Slim Khaki Coat, $108.99

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion

    Keep a denim button down shirt or jacket in your closet. It is an easy piece to pull over your outfit when the weather feels a tad cold. It also adds that rugged factor that will definitely make your look contemporary. I like Eun Gyeol’s oversized jacket which actually looks more like a coat. This is from Kai-Aakmann.


    Sulli Fashion

    Jae Hee is in her usual (ho-hum) plaid shirt and cropped pants attire. I believe her top is from Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club:

    Sulli Fashion


    Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club, £150

    Cha Eun Gyeol’s bag is from Herschel Supply.

    Cha Eun Gyeol Bag

    The Novel Duffle Bag In Desert Camo, $64.00, Herschel Supply

    Min Ho Fashion

    Tae Joon’s sweatshirt is actually from A.P.C. Women. An added proof of Korean fashion blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear.

    Get The Sweatshirt:

    Min Ho Sweatshirt

    25th Anniversary Sweatshirt, 125 €, A.P.C Women

    Lee Hyun Woo To The Beautiful You Clothes

    Lee Hyun Woo Fashion

    I swear you have to give this guy props for carrying his outfits so well. A simple sweater and pants tandem looks better on him than any other character in this drama (save for the doctor, maybe). I love the perforated material of his Tommy Hilfiger sweater and the letter detail.

    To The Beautiful You Cha Eun Gyeol Fashion

    Tommy Hilfiger Varsity Guy Sweater, 258,000 Won

    Kim Ji Won To The Beautiful You

    Han Na’s neon yellow blazer is the fashion highlight of this episode, methinks. Sartorial pieces can be made more playful if they are in bold colors like this fluorescent St. Scott London Blazer Han Na is wearing. Invest in high quality blazers that fit well as there are innumerable ways to wear them. You can pair them up with straight dresses, body con dresses, shorts and shirts. You can dress them up or down depending on your choice of footwear.

    Kim Ji Won Clothes

    She added up this interesting piece – a top with embellished collar from Nice Claup. If  this loos familiar, Gil Da Ran from Big also used it in the drama.

    You can ditch the fancy jewelry and opt for a statement detachable collar instead. And is anyone else envious of her locks? I believe you can copy Han Na’s mermaid-like waves using a triple barrel curling iron.

    Get Seol Han Na’s Embellished Collar Top:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Nice Claup Top, 169,000 Won

    Kim Ji Won Bag

    I spy the color block trend. So Han Na chose to this pink St. Scott London bag to punctuate her look.

    Get Her Bag:

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    St. Scott London Bag, 92,701 Won

    To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Kang Tae Joon’s manager opted for jewel tones as evident in this outfit. Her simple tapered pants and stripes top looks stylish on her, particularly when worn with this two-tone criss cross-strapped platforms.

    Min Ho To The Beautiful You Fashion

    Tae Joon’s sweater is from Bike Repair Shop. Gotta love those elbow patches.

    Kang Ha Neul To The Beautiful You Fashion

    As much as I love the plaid/checkered outfits that saturated this drama, I’m sometimes getting tired of it. They’re very easy to copy though. It just takes a bit of layering. If you are getting bored with this look, try adding some details such as brooches or tuck your plaid shirt in your pants and add a studded belt. Goo Jae Hee’s two-tone shirt here is from This Is Never That.

    Sulli Fashion

    Goo Jae Hee goes for bright colors with this two-tone button down shirt. Two-tone collared shirts look more casual than their monotone counterparts.

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