Park Se Young Wears Jill Stuart In Strong Heart

  • Recently, Park Se Young (Love Rain, Faith, School 2013) made an appearance in SBS Strong Heart.

    Park Se Young Fashion

    No one can argue that she looked fresh, young and beautiful with her mid-length black hair and black ruched and lace dress.

    As usual, my eyes zeroed in on the dress and I immediately went hunting for its creator.

    Park Se Young Fashion
    Jill Stuart Black Ruched Dress, 738,000 Won

    It’s actually from Jill Stuart!

    Park Se Young Fashion

    How much do you love the ruched details on its bodice and the lace detail at the chest area and the collar?

    Park Se Young FashionPark Se Young Fashion

    It’s a cute option for an LBD and one you can easily dress up or dress down!

    So what do you think of Park Se Young’s sweet look?


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