Nice Guy/Innocent Man Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 1

  • Nice Guy/Innocent Man Review Episode 1: While Nice Guy/Innocent Man doesn’t feature striking fashion in all episodes, I’m excited to feature this drama for two reasons. 1.) Song Joong Ki 2.) Lee Gwang Soo. I’m a fan of Running Man and I miss seeing these same-aged friends on T.V.!

    Enough gushing. Nice Guy/Innocent Man talks about the story of a guy named Kang Ma Roo who came from a genteelly poor family. Though bereft of money, he has a good head on his shoulders and a determination to help his sickly younger sister. Currently, he is on his third year as a medical student and his future career in the medical field looks promising – until one eventful night.

    He came home to find his sister sprawled on the floor, apparently afflicted with her respiratory illness again. Before he can take her to the hospital, he got a call from his childhood friend and sweetheart, Han Jae Hee.

    Han Jae Hee came from the same neighbourhood but has suffered abuse from his older brother. Like Kang Ma Roo, she also ambitions of moving away from the shanty and living a better and more comfortable lifestyle as a TV reporter.

    That dream came crashing down when she accidentally killed someone. She called Kang Ma Roo to come to her aid. Leaving her sister in the care of his friend Jae Gil, Kang Ma Roo indeed went to her aid.

    Due to his love and devotion to Jae Hee, Kang Ma Roo owned up to the crime and was imprisoned for 5 years.

    A year after he got out of prison, Kang Ma Roo is a changed person. It looks like he is making a career out of womanizing, much to the disapproval of his friend Jae Gil.

    While they were on their way home to Korean from Japan, one of the passengers in the plane they were in, a woman named Seo Eun Gi had a medical emergency. A doctor was needed but there was no one who came to her aid. Finally, Jae Gil convinced Kang Ma Roo to do something as he is the only one with a medical background in the plane.

    Ma Roo grudgingly went to help Eun Gi. When they asked for Seo Eun Gi’s guardian/family, Kang Ma Roo was taken aback when he found out it was none other than Han Jae Hee.

    The woman he once loved to destruction was now the same woman who has a son and a step daughter. Momentarily pushing his emotions aside, he performed emergency aid on Seo Eun Gi.

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    Nice Guy/Innocent Man Episode 1 Fashion Recap:

    Song Joong Ki Fashion Nice Guy Innocent Man

    Song Joong Ki Fashion Nice Guy Innocent Man

    Kang Ma Roo’s pre-jail style was the typical college get-up: distressed jeans, plaid shirt and converse sneakers. Let’s just wait until he evolves into a gigolo with a hidden revenge plot towards his mercenary girlfriend in the latter part of the episode to fully appreciate his style.

    Moon Chae Won Innocent Man Nice Guy Fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy Innocent Man Fashion

    The tailored outfits of Seo Eun Gi are a breath of fresh air after finishing the high school drama To The Beautiful You. The stark contrast in styling and the sudden matureness of the outfits sort of daunts me but still, I appreciate Seo Eun Gi’s clean and crisp styling. Her bag is from Vinci’s Bench.

    Park Si Yeok Innocent Man Nice Guy Fashion

    Unlike Eun Gi who keeps a monochromatic ensemble most of the time and only opts for a snazzy watch as her accessory, her not-so-step mother is the complete opposite. Han Jae Hee plays the role of an ambitious other woman with finesse.

    I don’t care much about her rather matronly wardrobe choices but just look at that statement necklace! As if her top’s print is not busy enough already.

    Lee Gwang Soo Fashion Nice Guy Innocent Man

    Lee Gwang Soo is the perfect guy to be Song Joong Ki’s wingman. And he is just the perfect funny character to stop this drama from being too…melodramatic. Whether he is whining, crying or being his usual outrageously confident self, he cracks me up.

    His relaxed manner of dressing testifies to his penchant for an easy-going life. Here he wears faded denim top, purple trousers (not many men have the guts to wear purple trousers!) and loafers. I love his tri-tone watch, which is actually very popular in Korea. If you watched To The Beautiful You, you might have seen some of the characters wear this kind of watch too! I’m not completely certain but I think this is the Timex Weekender watch, the same brand Cha Eun Gyeol wore in TTBY, just a different color.

    Song Joong Ki Fashion

    And then the transformed Kang Ma Roo! He dresses up more maturely now but the stylists still keeps him in character by dressing him up in monochromatic ensembles. I’m not complaining though. A dressier and more prismatic ensemble might detract his good looks. A monochromatic ensemble served to heighten his creamy complexion and trim body shape.


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