Nice Guy Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 11

  • Nice Guy Episode 11 Review: Kang Ma Ru successfully tracked down Seo Eun Gi’s whereabouts, thanks to the tracking application her secretary installed in her phone. He was just in time to save her.

    Seo Eun Gi arrives to the wrong conclusion as to why Kang Ma Ru is angry. She thought Ma Ru is angry because he didn’t want to see her. Feeling hurt, she pushed Ma Ru away and told him she would be fine without him.

    But now that Lawyer Ahn and Han Jae Hee knows that Eun Gi is somewhere near, they sent someone to investigate. They quickly found out that she is staying in her secretary’s house.

    The secretary saw some guys lurking around and decided to call Kang Ma Ru to take Seo Eun Gi out of the house while she distracts them to buy them time to escape.

    After a bit of fuss, Seo Eun Gi goes with Ma Ru. Ma Ru then decides to leave his home and find a new one, much to the surprise of his best friend Park Jae Gil, who has always prodded him to move out of there.

    Kang Ma Ru took upon the task of preparing Seo Eun Gi to go back to her company.

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    Nice Guy Episode 11 Fashion Recap:

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    At the beginning of the episode, when Kang Ma Ru found her and dragged her to his car, Seo Eun Gi was wearing a white dress, pink fuzzy cardigan, chunky-heeled boots and grey socks, which I thought was so adorable and perfect for the cold weather. If it is too cold, don a pair of printed tattoo tights.

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    The knitted pull over and collared button down top is an easy style to copy. Wear it with midi or maxi skirts like what Seo Eun Gi does. She pairs it up with boots and socks for a retro preppy appeal. You can switch it up any day to skinny pants and layer your coat over.

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    A similar silhouette. Seo Eun Gi is not afraid to mix and match colors. Her printed dress makes this outfit more interesting. Her grey sweater is from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

    Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Grey Knit Geraldine Sweater, $250.00, Marc by Marc Jacobs

    Lee Yoo Bi Nice Guy fashion

    Kang Choco seems to share Eun Gi’s fashion sensibilities. Like Eun Gi, she also opted for a sweater+dress tandem. She also has on her trademark turtleneck under shirt and leggings for a more youthful take to this preppy look.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Han Jae Hee seems to be in love with the color cobalt blue (seriously, can you blame her?). It’s the perfect color to inject in your wardrobe if you want to be stylish but you also want to be taken seriously.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Her ensemble consists of a long-sleeved taupe top from Anne Klein New York and a baroque-printed skirt from Sisley.

    As always Han Jae Hee incorporated a piece de resistance- her necklace. It’s a round statement piece from the company MZUU, which the actress playing Han Jae Hee, Park Si Yeon, endorses. And I have just discovered that virtually all of the accessories she was wearing since the beginning of the episodes are from this company so if you fancy some of her bling, check out their site.

     Nice Guy Korean drama fashionMZUU Matt Patra Necklace, 65,000 won, MZUU

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy fashionMoon Chae Won Nice Guy fashionMoon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    These are just some teaser fashion photos as the scene where they wore it was close to the end of the episode, they didn’t show the whole outfit. I’ll talk more about these outfits in the next recap so watch out for it!


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