Nice Guy Innocent Man Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 9

  • Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 9 Review: Kang Ma Ru’s rejection and revelation hurt Seo Eun Gi deeply. And when it coincided with her father’s dead (who has got something to do with Lawyer Ahn and Han Jae Hee), she was virtually suicidal.

    While driving, she saw Kang Ma Ru heading in the opposite direction. She changed lanes to meet him halfway, resulting in a major accident.

    A year later, Kang Ma Ru became even more of a degenerate, Han Jae Hee has risen up to the social ranks and Seo Eun Gi is nowhere to be found even with Tae San company’s efforts in finding her.

    Seo Eun Gi surprised Kang Ma Ru when she suddenly showed up in his neighbourhood.

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    Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 9 Fashion Recap:

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy fashion

    There are a lot of ostentatious things going on in Han Jae Hee’s outfits, more so than ever, now that she is rising up the social ranks. Here she is sporting large accessories like that big circular earrings.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy fashion

    We are seeing runway trends in this outfit like that collarless woollen blazer that boasts of metallic details and that black chiffon top with rosette details. One way to make turtle neck tops work better is if you wear it with collarless blazers. It also looks better with the right haircut. Jae Hee’s bob practically gave her the license to wear turtle-necked tops.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy fashion

    We still haven’t identified this leather bag but it sure did a lot to dull out the monotonous hues of Han Jae Hee’s ensemble. A pop of color, whether by your shoes or bag, does a world of good in amping up your style.

    Lee Yoo Bi Nice Guy fashion

    Kang Choco is in sweater, shorts and leggings once again. But this time she is sporting a vibrant red sweater with polka dot print and a huge pink bow at the chest area.

    Nice Guy Innocent man episode 9 fashion

    One of the nicest scenes in Nice Guy. Lee Gwang Soo is the second Nice Guy and he deserves to get that credit. On top of that, he dresses like your typical nice guy next door. This time he dons a knitted vest over his button down top.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy fashion

    From her coif down to her toenails, she looks pristine, stylish and every inch the madame she portrays. Other than her excellently tailored cobalt blue dress and leather jacket, which by the way is quite an edgy combination, Han Jae Hee piques the interest of viewers with her choices of accessories.

    Just take a look at her V necklace, starkly simple but when combined with that cross-ish pair of earrings, it makes a statement and punctuates her look.

    Her blazer is from LAP

    Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    LAP Leather Sleeved Blazer, 178,000 Won

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    Seo Eun Gi is back with memory loss and a completely transformed wardrobe. She forgot about combat boots and leather jackets and is now often clad in soft-hued knitwear, skirts and ankle high boots.

    Be inspired by Seo Eun Gi’s rather Mori Girl fashion and don oversized knitted sweaters over your maxi skirts. Complete the look with a pair of ankle boots.

    She lugs around a brown satchel bag from Vincis Bench. We have yet to ID her oversized knitwear but her maxi skirt is from Tomboy.


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