Nice Guy Innocent Man Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 5

  • Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 5 Review:Kang Ma Roo races to Japan to save the day, err, Seo Eun Gi. While Eun Gi sleeps, he labored over Tae San company’s finance matters and finally found the solution to Eun Gi’s problems.

    Naturally, Eun Gi was impressed and more than trifle thankful. But before she can use what Ma Roo accomplished overnight, Han Jae Hee already closed the deal. Knowing that this might happen, Ma Roo stepped in through a phone call and leaked the information he found out about the person who bought the resort. This then led to controversies and to the other party backing out from the deal.

    Han Jae Hee knows Kang Ma Roo is behind all this. She asked to see him. Ma Roo capitulated even though he promised to meet up with Eun Gi after taking a nap. Jae Hee is up to her usual theatrics once again and forced Ma Roo to save her after jumping over the bridge.

    Ma Roo was forced to take her home, thereby leaving Eun Gi waiting for him in the place where they are supposed to meet. It was only after hours later that he remembered Eun Gi waiting for him.

    He rushed to meet up with her and found her fast asleep. She woke up to find Ma Roo hovering over her.

    They talked and shared their first kiss.

    Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 5 Fashion Recap:
    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy Inncent Man fashion

    I was befuddled with Han Jae Hee’s tailored look because it’s not her usual style. But as soon as she turned her back, I understood why. Her blue tailored top from the company Minimum has a gaping hole at the back! I admit, it offers an interesting combination of classy and sassy.

    Lee Gwang Soo Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Lee Gwang Soo Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    I can’t fault Jae Gil’s effortlessly pristine appearance. Plaid top, skinny pants and loafers? You really can’t go wrong.

    Song Joong Ki Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion


    The stylists don’t really allow Kang Ma Roo to dress up in colorful ensembles. But I figured monochromatic ensembles and earth tones tend to make him appear more handsome. Outfits like this accentuated his most impressive features.

    But to make him look less austere and more the playful and young character that is underneath all that male angst, they made him wear Converse sneakers. Remember Kang Ma Roo before jail? Yep. Looks like that guy is still there somewhere.

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Minimalist and edgy are again two of the words I’d use to describe Eun Gi’s ensemble. She atoned for the simplicity of her outfit by donning cute black strappy sandals.

    She wore this button down top from Equipment:

    Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Equipment Signature Blouse

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy Innocent Man fashio

    Seo Eun Gi discovers what it’s like to want to gussy up for someone. It looks like she turned to the right person for fashion advice because she had on this pretty pale pink dress and light pin cardigan. To complete her look, she opted for a pair of blush-tone pumps.

    What completes her sweet, ethereal and innocent look is the startling lack of accessories. In fact, she only has on a pair of earrings and thin-strapped watch. It’s a breath of fresh air from all the leather pants and cage sandals we have been seeing from her.