Nice Guy Innocent Man Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 3

  • Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 3 Review: Previously, Kang Ma Ru was invited to the police station to answer the bribery accusation Seo Eun Gi filed against him in behalf of Han Jae Hee. Because the police have insufficient evidence against him, they were forced to let him go.

    Han Jae Hee is playing her role as a dutiful wife and a doting mother with aplomb and it looks like the President believes her ploy. He then decided to make their relationship official by “tying the knot”.

    Seo Eun Gi had to bite back all her anger and channels it through motor crossing. Here she met Kang Ma Ru, who came to her rescue after she nearly went over a cliff. Kang Ma Ru got injured in the process.

    Intending to properly thank Kang Ma Ru and apologize for her gruff attitude, she went back to the hospital where he was admitted but he was nowhere to be found. She then sought him out in his home.

    Seo Eun Gi is stubborn to the core and when Ma Ru brushed her off, she still went with him. Unbeknownst to her, Kang Ma Ru was out to look for her sister who stowed away and went looking for her birth mother.

    Kang Ma Ru found her in the company of her mother and her mother’s heavy-handed husband. Seo Eun Gi witnessed how Ma Ru cared for her sister and this softened her heart to him. She then asked him if he wants to meet again. Kang Ma Ru agreed.

    Meanwhile, Han Jae Hee witnessed this scene between Ma Ru and Eun Gi. She was most likely shocked because the two might have witnessed her kissing the President’s lawyerand and because she wasn’t expecting Ma Ru to be with Eun Gi.

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    Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 3 Fashion:

    Moon Chae Won Innocent Man Nice Guy fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Combat boots, tight pants and leather jacket? Can Seo Eun Gi get any more bad-ass? This fits her rebellious character well although it’s a totally different side from her usual polished look.

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Seo Eun Gi cleans up and dons this nude tone button down top from Marc Jacobs. You can take the girl out of the first class society but you can’t take the first class society out of the girl.

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Chic blazer from a company called System that falls down right below her waist coupled with tailored pants is a sure-fire way of styling up for corporate events. And take a cue from Eun Gi and opt for a trusty, utilitarian, minimalist hand bag like this V12FB54TL bag from Vincis Bench.

    Lee Gwang Soo Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Jae Gil will forever be Lee Gwang Soo in my head and his RM character is oozing out in this scene when he told his girlfriend that Kang Ma Ru went under the knife, which is why he is very good looking now!

    But I love how they are matchy-matchy. I know couple tees are in but I never really fancied wearing exactly the same shirts so something like this, with the same elements, but not exactly the same, should work better for me.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Here is my problem with Han Jae Hee. She has youthful facial features but when you look at the over-all package – the hair, the top, the skirt – you get the image of a much older woman, which is probably what they are aiming for, but they’re not really translating the sophisticated vibe that much.

    Song Joong Ki Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    A Korean drama is not complete without a guy wearing an oversized green coat. Well, here it is!

    Lee Yoo Bi Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Kang Choco is also one to watch out in this drama. She loves to layer and she definitely has no qualms about mixing and matching prints and textures. Her red cardigan, floral top and chiffon midi skirt are all from Thursday Island.