Nice Guy Innocent Man Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 12

  • Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 12 Review: Seo Eun Gi is back in Tae San with the excuse that she is suffering from prosopognosia, a condition that prevents her from recognizing faces. She then calls Kang Ma Ru and appoints him her temporary replacement in the seat of directors until she recovers from the after-effect of her accident.

    Han Jae Hee is nonetheless shocked by this turn of events but capitulated gracefully and even invites Eun Gi back home. She declines saying that she will stay with Kang Ma Ru but accepts an invitation for dinner.

    Kang Ma Ru smoothly covers up Eun Gi’s blunders at dinner so Han Jae Hee hasn’t suspected anything. On the other hand, Lawyer Ahn with the notebook he took from Eun Gi’s secretary’s place, is still suspicious about Eun Gi’s real mental condition.

    Kang Ma Ru still feels terrible headaches but refuses to have it operated until he becomes successful in his mission of reinstating Eun Gi in Tae San. And as usual, he is doing a great job in uncovering company secrets and twisting things to Seo Eun Gi’s advantage, thereby thwarting Han Jae Hee’s plans.

    After overhearing Eun Gi and Choco’s conversation about trips, Kang Ma Ru decided to take Eun Gi to an out of town trip. They had a wonderful time together. But when they passed the tunnel on the way home, memories popped up in Eun Gi’s head.

    Make Sure You Watch Nice Guy Episode 12 Legally Here

    Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 12 Fashion Recap:

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Seo Eun Gi makes a grand entrance clad in DEWL from neck to ankles. Matching rose beige blazer and pants and a white button down blouse. The intricate bead and studwork on the blouse’s collar peeking from her blazer entices me.

    It is a look that is both polished and sophisticated, effectively combining the complexity of Seo Eun Gi’s current and past personalities.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    No surprise here. Han Jae Hee’s accessories never fail to deliver. As usual, this piece is from MZUU, which I think matches the edginess of her top with its leather collar and pocket.

    Get Her Necklace:

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Zenith Necklace, 56,000 Won, MZUU

     Han Jae Hee Nice Guy fashion

    I failed to take a photo of Han Jae Hee’s bag but she was toting a white Valextra Isis Shopping Tote in here.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Han Jae Hee is really into small details. She does not pile on one too many flashy pieces so she often assembles monochromatic outfits and just throws in a few key pieces that stand out. One of them is her top that has elegant lace shoulder details. She punctuates her look with a simple pair of pumps with gold-tone capped toe.

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy fashion

    A closer look at the lace details on the shoulders of her top.

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    An easy way of getting chic, Parisian silhouettes is by donning oversized coats over your skinny pants and completing the look with booties like what Seo Eun Gi did in this scene. But it requires the right hem length, else you will look like your coat smothered you.

    I can’t find the exact same color but if you want it in black, you can get it here:

    Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Thyren Coat, 274,000 Won

    Lee Yoo Bi Nice Guy fashion

    Lee Yoo Bi Nice Guy fashion

    These sweater-loving almost-sisters are both so cute with Eun Gi in gray and Choco in a vibrant pink hue.

    Song Joong Ki Nice Guy fashion

    Song Joong Ki Nice Guy fashion

    We see yet again another textile mash up in Kang Ma Ru’s blazer. This Kai-Aakmann blazer with leather details incorporates an edginess without looking too biker-ish.

    Kang Ma Ru fashion

    Kai-Aakmann KKDJK159M0 Jacket, 334,810 Won

    • And what about the white detachable collar Eun Gi was wearing at the beginning of the episode? This collar is THE item of the episode from my POV.

      • kathy

        I loved that too! Actually, it’s not a detachable collar but a white button down top with embellished collar. Lee Min Jung wore the same top in Big. It is from the company DEWL. You can check the link above (they have info there on drama fashion) although they don’t sell it online, I think. All her coordinates (except the accessories) are from DEWL.

        • Really??? OMG? you made my day! I am going to check it right now. I loved this item! I really thought it was a detachable collar. And i also thought it was from a huge brand, so i checked almost all the fashion week =)
          I didn’t notice it in Big. Actually, i wan’t really into Big, so i couldn’t notice it

          • kathy

            Big got kinda boring in the middle. It dragged. The only reason I finished it was because of the fashion part and because I wanted to know who Lee Min Jung will end up with.

            • Same for me. I was kinda disappointed. I watched it because of Gong Yoo and the plot. I skipped like 8 episodes, and went to the end, but i really didn’t get anything. I don’t know with who she ended. I mean, whose soul? Cause it was Gong Yoo body right?

            • kathy

              Big’s ending was pretty vague. I’m pretty sure it’s still Kang Kyung Joon in Gong Yoo’s body though but they didn’t say what happened to the real Gong Yoo, the doctor, or if Kyung Joon still has his memories. That was really frustrating.

    • Alicia

      What are the booties that Eun Gi is wearing in the first pic?(:

      • kathy

        Hi Alicia! So sorry, we haven’t been able to ID that one.

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