Nice Guy Innocent Man Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 10

  • Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 10 Review: Kang Ma Ru learned from Eun Gi’s secretary that she suffered brain damaged that led to her memory loss. Even Eun Gi’s learning and cognitive skills were affected.

    Kang Ma Ru, despite his obvious joy in finding Eun Gi back in his life, brushes her off and bursts her bubble. He refused to help her regain her memories, much to the disappointment of Eun Gi.

    The company, including Lawyer Ahn and the interim Chairman Han Jae Hee, still believes they are now on their way to the top. This was quickly squelched after learning from Jae Shik that Eun Gi has been found.

    He was then ordered to capture Eun Gi and make her disappear forever. Kang Ma Ru, after learning that Eun Gi is missing, went out in search for her.

    Make Sure You Watch Nice Guy Episode 10 Legally Here

    Nice Guy Innocent Man Episode 10 Fashion Recap:

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    While most characters in this drama lack stellar and off the charts styling and accessorizing (except for Han Jae Hee who always manages to wow), the ladies lug around the prettiest bags. Check out these Vincis Bench creations!

    Park Si Yeon Nice Guy fashion

    Trust Han Jae Hee to take dressing up at home to the next level. With that baroque-printed dress that boasts of purple and black color combo (that seems to be a staple in Han Jae Hee’s wardrobe), it is flashy to the extreme.

    Fancy rocking this dress? It’s from Leonard.

    Nice Guy fashion

    Long Dress Melusine, Leonard

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    I hope you aren’t tired of seeing Seo Eun Gi in oversized knitwear yet because you’ll be seeing a lot more of that in the future. Here she is again in an oversized batwing cardigan from Calvin Klein, faded jeans and long-sleeved top from Vanessa Bruno.

    Batwing knitwear is perfect for fall and winter and it also makes wonderful go-to piece in case you need to amp up your style without compromising your comfort. Her Calvin Klein piece actually looks like this in front:

    Nice Guy fashion

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy fashion

    Owl tees are pretty popular as of late. This one Eun Gi is wearing is from Burberry Prorsum, which seems to be a hot item amongst Korean female celebs and pop stars. Yoon Eun Hye and SNSD’s Soo Young were seen wearing it.

    Nice Guy fashion

    Owl Tee, Burberry Prorsum

     She piles on more designer pieces with an orange cardigan from Tory Burch.

    Nice Guy Innocent Man fashion

    Neck candy! Han Jae Hee doesn’t look content with just one necklace. She piles on more bling, even ones that look pretty lethal! Take a cue from her and pile on accessories. If your outfit needs a little spicing up, accessory piling should help.

    Edit: Here are the necklaces she wore:

    Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Ophelia, 108,000 Won, MZUU

    Nice Guy korean drama fashion

    Bling Cone. N, 75,000 Won, MZUU

    Moon Chae Won Nice Guy innocent man fashion

    Another Vinci’s Bench bag lugged around by Seo Eun Gi.

    Song Joong Ki Nice Guy fashion

    I’ve been failing to screenshot the outfit of the guys but here is Kang Ma Ru in a grey graphic shirt, blazer and fitted pants. Typical silhouette for Ma Ru.


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