Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Review and Fashion Recap Episode 8

  • Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Review Episode 8: Lee Soon Shin went to Shin Joon Ho’s office to tell him she changed her mind. She now wants to sign the contract. Joon Ho didn’t waste time and had her contract pulled up for her review. He promised to give her the money she needed to pay off the amount that swindled off her. But he explained that she also needs to follow the contract.

    Yoo Shin, on the other hand, is tormented by what she thought happened between him and Park Chan Woo. She keeps on dodging Chan Woo’s calls. Finally, she meets up with him. She started talking about how Chan Woo shouldn’t feel obliged to marry her or something. She goes into a litany of why they can’t be together and leaves Chan Woo flustered and hurt.

    Meanwhile, Hye Shin found an old scarf from his father’s things. She realized it was the scarf that Soon Shin was using when she was a baby. She gave it to Jung Ae.

    Joon Ho presented Soon Shin to his executives. They weren’t entirely receptive about getting her as their talent but Joon Ho was persuasive.

    Soon Shin couldn’t bring herself to tell her mom that she signed a contract again after what happened to her family when they were swindled. She lied about where she got the money to pay her debt.

    On the other hand, the baker Jin Wook was trying to get on Hye Shin’s daughter’s good side but the little girl just isn’t taken with him. Her frequent encounters with him brought her mom and him closer though.

    Meanwhile, Jung Ae finally remembered where she saw the scarf. It’s the same scarf the girl in the photo with her husband was wearing. She then starts to suspect Soon Shin’s parentage.

    After being rebuffed by Yoo Shin, Chan Woo goes out drinking with friends. He met a drunk Yi Jung at the bar. Chan Woo saved her from a drunkard who was disrespecting her. This made Yi Jung like him even more.

    The life of a trainee is difficult especially with a drill sergeant of a boss like Joon Ho. He imposes strict diet on Soon Shin and even forces her to go the gym where she eventually and formally met Song Mi Ryung.

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    Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Fashion Recap Episode 8:

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    Soon Shin is still clad in the outfit she was seen last episode. Just wait until she becomes a more successful actress so we can see her dressed to the nines all the time.

    IU Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Fashion2

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    If there’s one thing I can say about Soon Shin’s wardrobe, it’s that she has an extensive collection of street style outerwear. This Kai-Aakmann jacket is the latest one. Joon Ho was also in this scene although I often overlook him whenever he is wearing suits.

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    Hye Shin rocks another midi dress but this time, it is a printed dress with a slight front slit. She paired this up with a white cardigan.

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    I liked this floor-length dress better. I thought the nude tone plus the pop of coral worked well with her coloring and the general aesthetic of her style.

    Hye Shin’s dress is from the Fendi S/S 2013 Collection:

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    Fendi Maxi Dress (S/S 2013)

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    Choi Yeon Ah’s penchant for bold colors is again evident in this outfit. But she often tames it down with neutrals like what she did here with that gray blazer.

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    You can’t go wrong with black and white pairings. Take it from Song Mi Ryung. I’m a fan of her jacket.

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    I thought I have seen this furry jacket before. A similar one might have made an appearance in I Miss You.

    Get Yoo Shin’s Furry Jacket:

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    Juicy Couture Jacket, 596, 640 Won

    You're The Best Lee Soon Shin review

    Yoo Shin’s idea of home clothes. That glitter-riddled dress can also be worn out.



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