Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Review and Fashion Recap Episode 4

  • Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Review Episode 4: The episode picked up where it left off last episode – with Soon Shin’s dad visiting her at her workplace and both of them almost running into Mi Ryung. Her dad prevented that from happening. Lee Soon Shin finally confessed to her dad about being scammed and the debt she has to pay off. But she made her dad promise not to tell her mom about it.

    Shin Joon Ho is still contemplating about recruiting Soon Shin. Although he clearly thinks it’s a bad idea, he is determined to show Yeon Ah that she is wrong about him. He made the decision to scout Soon Shin right there and then. After that, Mi Ryung barged into his office demanding explanations about the rumors circulating around about her. She demanded Shin Joon Ho to do something about it.

    An unexpected relationship is also budding between sister #1 Lee Hye Shin and the guy at the bakery Seo Jin Wook. After Hye Shin’s daughter left the bakery hurriedly earlier that day and accidentally leaving her phone, Hye Shin tried to call it to get it back. While Hye Shin was arguing over the phone with her husband, she was shocked to find out that her father was actually nearby and overheard her conversation. Hye Shin had to confess that she divorced her husband already.

    After receiving instructions from Shin Joon Ho to check on the waitress at the restaurant below their office, two scouts came to check on her. They made Soon Shin do strange things like read a passage from a script. The verdict? Soon Shin failed in every thing.

    The cat’s out of the bag as Soon Shin’s best friend’s mom just can’t keep her mouth shut. She confessed to Soon Shin’s mom about her daughter being scammed. Soon Shin thought it was her dad who revealed her secret so she got mad at him. To cheer her daughter up, her dad stopped at a bakery to order her a cake for Soon Shin’s birthday that they forgot and set up a date with her. But before he can go to their date, he got a call from Mi Ryung asking to meet up.

    Mi Ryung got drunk and accused Soon Shin’s dad of spilling her secrets to the reporters. Soon Shin’s dad walked out but Mi Ryung ran after him. Because of her bedraggled state, she didn’t see a car coming. Soon Shin’s dad saved her and ended up being hit.

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    Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Fashion Recap Episode 4:

    korean Drama Fashion Lee Soon Shin Is The Best

    Yoo In Na Lee Soon Shin Is The Best Fashion2

    Sister #2 Yoo Shin toughens up in a leather jacket for her office look. I love the contrast between the leather and the floral skirt. Her leather jacket even has a peplum shape so it suited the whole feminine look.

    korean drama fashion lee soon shin is the best

    Chan Mi keeps herself stylish at home in a floral cardigan. Hers has huge floral prints that instantly grab attention.

    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

    Lee Soon Shin is again clad in a nondescript ensemble. She might not hold a candle to the style of the other females in this drama but she has her own street style that many would like to covet. The military style jacket can be styled up with ripped jeans and high top sneakers.

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    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

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    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

    Shin Joon Ho is again wearing black. I tend to overlook guys wearing black even though they are wearing really sleek pieces especially if the outfit is echoed in other episodes. But good thing Joon Ho made this more interesting with a striped cardigan.

    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

    Leave it to boss Kim Young Hoon to rock pastel-colored shirts. Shin Joon Ho could definitely take style tips from him.

    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

    That long robe-ish cardigan is an instant fashion item. Never underestimate the power of long cardigan. Even the most basic of ensembles can look chic with it.

    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

    lee soon shin is the best korean drama fashion

    Hye Shin really favors a lot of maxi skirts and palazzo pants.



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