Korean Drama Fashion Sneak Peek: To The Beautiful You

  • If you have been following the developments of new dramas, you might have seen the stills and official poster of the upcoming drama, To The Beautiful You, going viral on the internet. It is the Korean adaptation of the highly popular, all-time favorite (at least to me), Japanese manga/drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, a.k.a, Hana Kimi.

    I have high expectations of this drama and the actors who are going to play my beloved characters. I harbor a bias for Ikuta Toma and his wacky character, Nakatsu Suichi. All other versions fell short for me (second Japanese version included).

    But I have to admit that I’m pretty stoked about the Korean version just because I’m excited to see how well Min Ho and Sulli will play in here.

    Here is their newly-released poster:

    So laid-back cute, the clothes. Fitting for the summer season. It’ll be airing next month according to reports so we’ll be seeing more summery ensembles from them when they’re not in their school uniform.

    Sulli’s dramatic transformation from a gal to a dude. She makes a pretty convincing dude! *gasps*

    Min Ho as a jump athlete clad in what looks to be Nike sport apparels.

    So, are you as excited as I am to watch this drama?


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