I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 7

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 7: Zoe went out to have a drink with Han Jung Woo. While drinking, they talked about Su Yeon. Zoe told him lies about her childhood with Harry.

    Meanwhile, the body of the rapist was found and the police are having a field day. They failed to get in touch with Han Jung Woo as he was busy with Zoe. Zoe is also setting her plans of messing up with Han Jung Woo’s emotions in motion. She keeps repeating the things Su Yeon said in her youth.

    There is also another person setting his plans in motion – Harry. He has plans of getting in the radar of Han Jung Woo’s dad, Han Tae Joon.

    Han Jung Woo was suspended because of his association with the dead rapist. He is now forbidden to contribute to the case as he is included in the people of interest. But thanks to his friend Janitress, he was able to keep track of the progress of the case.

    Zoe visited him in the precinct with the excuse that she was there to report a stalker, which is actually Han Jung Woo’s step mom. While there, she saw Kim Eun Joo and heard about the whereabouts of her mom. She visited the workplace of her mom and found her watching the report about the dead rapist. Her mom brushed it off saying it’s just insignificant, thereby hurting the feelings of Zoe.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion Recap Episode 7:

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You Korean Drama

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Zoe (Lee Su Yeon) had the most outfit changes in this episode as she gets more screen time than the rest of the characters. I’m not one to complain though as she throws us one stylish ensemble after another.

    This one debuted in the previous episode but we get to really appreciate the beauty of the pieces. First is her coat from Tomboy, a brand that has already been introduced in the previous episodes. Get her coat here.

    Her button down top features ornate baroque print and star print, which actually deserves to be seen sans her coat.

    Get Her Top:

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You

     Chemise Camus, 465,000 Won, Sandro

    Yoo Seung Ho fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Harry looks adorable in colorful sweater, tight-fitting pants and dress shoes. Even at home, he has to look polished.

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You fashion

    The small details make up a lot in punctuating an outfit. Case in point: Zoe’s hand candy. Check out how she wears her rings. And what about the mismatched nail polish? Are you guys digging it?

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    Zoe is dressed to the nines even with just a trip to the precinct (not that there’s anything “just” to it considering how she wants to see Han Jung Woo). Her outfit is better suited for clubbing than just being out and about in the streets. No wonder the rest of the detectives are enamored!

    She is actually heavily clad in designer clothes and accessories. I haven’t been able to ID the make of her dress but her long jacket is from Balmain.

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You korean drama fashion

    She toted this Stella McCartney Falabella bag too, a fitting option if you are a style maven and environmentally conscious at the same time as the Falabella bags are purportedly crafted from eco-friendly materials.

    I can’t find the exact same printed Falabella bag but a plain purple version can be found at Net-A-Porter.

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You Korean Drama

    She wore classic black pumps to seal this look. I’m assuming her shoes are also designer because from what I can see, they are made from calfhair.

    Lee Se Young fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Let’s take a break from the awesomeness of Zoe and focus on a fledgling fashionista, Han Ah Reum. Here she is rocking red blazer with paisley-printed dress.

    Get Her Red Blazer:

    Korean drama fashion Plastic Island PC4WJ102, 179,100 Won

    Lee Se Young fashion I Miss You Korean Drama

    Lee Se Young fashion I Miss You Korean Drama

    If you haven’t noticed, baroque print is coming back in fashion. In full force, if the number of baroque-printed clothes worn in this drama is anything to go by. Ah Reum sports this cobalt blue dress with very ornate print. And since her dress is already flashy, she made the wise choice of not piling on accessories.

    This is yet again from the company Plastic Island, which is evidently a favorite amongst Korean Drama stylist.

    Get Her Dress:

    korean drama fashion

    Plastic Island PC4WO101 Dress, 251,100 Won

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You korean drama fashion

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Zoe is all bundled up in cozy striped oversized pull over. She lets her printed button down top peek from the neckline, thereby completing a retro preppy look. Her floral button down top is from a company called Mag/Mag. It’s available in two colors here.

    Yoo Seung Ho fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Harry further widens his age gap with Zoe in this ensemble because it made him look heaps younger. But you can definitely see his impeccable taste with the leather puffed jacket and leather rucksack.

    Yoo Seun Ho I Miss You Korean Drama

    A shiny pair of headphones is his idea of blinging it out.

    Get Harry’s Headphone:

    Diamond Tears

    Diamond Tears Headset in Black, 450,000 Won

    Yoo Seung Ho fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Punctuating the look with a pair of booties in one of my favorite colors this season, cobalt blue.

    Yoo Seung Ho I Miss You korean drama fashion

    I think we can afford to mention one more sweater, especially since Zoe is wearing a cute fuzzy mint-colored one that is hard to resist. This angora knitwear is from DEWL.

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You fashion

    Looks like Zoe is spending a lot of time browsing through the racks of DEWL because here she is again clad in a DEWL dress.

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You fashion

    Looking very Parisian is Zoe (Lee Su Yeon).You can’t go wrong with oversized coat and leggings combo. Just make sure you have the right shoes to go with it and everything is color-coordinated.

    Get Her Coat:

    korean drama fashion

    Carven Wool Coat, £470

    Because her outfit lacks color, she did well in adding a punch of color through the yellow of her purse from Cettu.

    Get Her Purse:

    Korean drama bags

    Cettu Bag, 1, 580, 000 Won