I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 5

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 5: Both Han Jung Woo and Detective Kim are moving heaven and earth to find Soo Yeon. But Han Jung Woo’s dad and the schemes of Nurse Hye Mi are making things difficult for them.

    Detective Kim died while chasing a lead. From then on, Han Jung Woo took over. Fast forward 15 years to now, he is now working as a detective, still nursing his grudge over their captors and still determined to find the missing Soo Yeon.

    Their paths meet again when he investigated the death of Nurse Hye Mi, who apparently died when she drowned in the pool. The kid who took Soo Yeon is now a grown-up and calls himself Harrison. Soo Yeon is now an accomplished fashion designer. She calls herself Zoe. The death of their “auntie” kept them in South Korea.

    In a rainy afternoon, Han Jung Woo met a girl who is so much like Soo Yeon habits. He began to chase after her.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Episode 5 Fashion:

    Park Yoochun I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    Han Jung Woo’s fashion style changed from school boy preppy to edgy. But his love for monochromatic pieces is still evident. Here he is wearing a grey sweater from Vince.

    It’s a very simple ensemble and one you can easily copy. Like Han Jung Woo, you can also finish off the look with a pair of high top sneakers. His shoes from Clarks don’t look too casual but still offers comfort and a casual flair.

    Park Yoochun I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    I haven’t ID’d the make of Han Jung Woo’s jacket yet but it is reminiscent to the Customellow piece Song Joong Ki wore in Nice Guy Episode 12. Jackets with this silhouette offer a fool-proof way of injecting more style to your tee+jeans combo.

    Park Yoochun fashion I Miss You Korean Drama

    See what I mean? Han Jung Woo knows how to dress up without looking too styled up (which is sometimes what happens when your character is a pop star in dramas).

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You Korean Drama

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You Korean Drama

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You fashion

    The show stealer for me is Lee Soo Yeon’s outfit. At first, we see her looking too underdressed in a ratty black tee, pants and studded high top sneakers. And then she puts on this amazing peplum jacket from Balmain. Instant chic! Trust Balmain to put an instant stamp of glam to even the most basic of ensembles.

    I Miss You fashion Korean Drama

    Balmain Biker Jacket, $3031.95

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You korean drama

    And how much do you like her spiked sneakers? As if she doesn’t look lethal enough.

    Yoo Seung Ho I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    Harry in tailored ensemble and looking so European in a jacket, vest, button down shirt and pants. Expensive. That’s what he looks like.

    Yoon Eun Hye fashion I Miss You korean drama

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You fashion Korean Drama

    I’m also a fan of her coat and bag although I really want to see what she has on underneath. From the tiny bit of fabric peeking from her coat, she looks like she is wearing a printed dress.

    Get Her Coat:

    I Miss You fashion korean drama

    Tomboy Trench Coat, 199,500 Won

    And who says you need a handbag to look chic? Lee Soo Yeon chooses convenient backpacks over handbags. But in true Lee Soo Yeon style, she opted for this colored leather backpack from Hoze, which is a favorite in current Korean Dramas. I don’t blame the stylists, simplistic but compact, this bag is a unisex piece they can use to dress up the actress or the actors.

    Get Her Backpack:

    I Miss You fashion Korean drama

    Hoze Clon Backpack, 320,000 Won

     Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You fashion Korean Drama

    And last but definitely not the least about Lee Soo Yeon’s ensemble is her wedge sneaker. These sneakers are from Ash and if you are living under a rock (and being derelict in your job as Korean drama aficionado), you probably haven’t seen or heard about the extreme popularity of wedge sneakers. Kim Min Jung in Big wore it in episode 1. Kim Ha Neul in A Gentleman’s Dignity also favors this edgy sneaker in some episodes. Lee Soo Yeon’s pair of wedge sneakers in this episode matches her rucksack. Cute!

    Get Her Wedge Sneakers:

    I Miss You fashion korean drama

    Ash Bowie Ter Wedge Black Leather Hi Top Trainer, about $319.00 (currently out of stock but you can get it in other colors)

    Lee Se Young I Miss You fashion korean drama

    Looks like two people are going to steal the most fashionable spot from Lee Soo Yeon in this drama and they are the mother-daughter tandem Han Ah Reum and…I completely forgot the mom’s name and Asianwiki is being difficult today so let’s just call her Mama Han.

    These two looking so downright fashionable isn’t surprising since we already saw the mom in the previous episodes looking chic and Ah Rum looking so adorable in her dresses.

    But this time, she trades her cutesy dresses and mary jane shoes for chic coats and long-sleeved tops and leather bags.

    Lee Se Young I Miss You fashion korean drama

    Mama Han tutored her daughter so well because Ah Rum is here again in a different jacket – one riddled with animal fur and so glaringly magenta, I literally can’t take my eyes off of it.

    I’m actually surprised it isn’t THAT high end as it is from Plastic Island although the 359,000 won (about $332.00) you need to purchase it isn’t my idea of cheap. Plastic Island is clearly another favorite of Korean drama stylists.

    Get Her Coat:

    I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    Plastic Island Magenta Coat, 359,000 Won

    Needless to say I’m happy that nearly all our grown-up characters are so well-dressed. It made up for the lack of note-worthy ensembles in the past episodes.