I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 4

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 4: Detective Kim is still tracking Lee Soo Yeon’s whereabouts down. His investigations led him to Han Jung Woo. He also found out that Lee Soo Yeon was possibly sexually abused. This angered him more.

    He sought out Han Jung Woo in an attempt to arrest him. But this is just a ruse so he can talk to him without Jung Woo’s dad to hamper him. They talked and Han Jung Woo confessed about leaving Lee Soo Yeon and escaping by himself. The detective doesn’t seem to take this against him, seeing how Jung Woo is in such a bad shape.

    But he did get the information he needed from him. And from then on, he vowed he will find Soo Yeon.

    Han Tae Joon, on the other hand, is scheming to mislead the police. He connived with the thugs so they will confess that Lee Soo Yeon is dead. All believed them except Han Jung Woo and the detective.

    After being suspicious of his dad, Jung Woo went to his office and searched his things. There he found his beat up cell phone. Upon opening it, he got a call. It’s from Lee Soo Yeon who tried to contact him. But the call got immediately disconnected after Nurse Hye Mi snatched the phone from Soo Yeon.

    Kang Hyung Joon told Soo Yeon not to contact Han Jung Woo again and told her they believed her dead. He showed her the newspaper containing her photo and news about her death. This enraged Soo Yeon.

    Han Jung Woo left home for good and sought out the help of Detective Kim to find Soo Yeon.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Episode 4 Fashion:

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Looking worse for wear is Han Jung Woo, whose sweater’s colors reflect his rather somber and depressed mood.

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    I failed to take a close up shot of his shoes but this was what he wore with this ensemble:

    Get Han Jung Woo’s Shoes:

    I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    Feiyue Sneakers, 149,000 Won

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    His last outfit before we see him as a grown up Han Jung Woo. He is wearing a Customellow jacket. It’s not the first time we hear about Customellow as nearly all dramas make use of this label for their actors (Song Joong Ki in Nice Guy and Lee Hyun Woo in To The Beautiful You).

    Get His Jacket:

    I Miss You Korean Drama Review

    Voyage Belted Diamond Hunting Jacket, 478,000 Won, Customellow

    His Two-tone sweater is from Jack & Jill.

    Get His Sweater:

    I Miss You Korean Drama fashion Jack & Jill Sweater, 71,200 Won

    I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    As for the girls, his step mom’s attire is the most eye-catching. She is the only character who dresses up nicely so far. Just check out that leopard print vest with its very thick neck fur! And maroon and orange color combo? Retro!


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