I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 3

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 3: Han Jung Woo’s dad, Han Tae Joon, doesn’t want his son to rub shoulders with the detective and his family. But despite that, Jung Woo still befriends them.

    It rained one day. This is day Lee Soo Yeon was waiting for because she wants to give something to Jung Woo. Jung Woo also awaits the rain because he wants to know what Soo Yeon will give to him.

    But on his way to Soo Yeon’s home, he was kidnapped by Nurse Hye Mi’s hired thugs. Soo Yeon witnessed it. She attempted to save Han Jung Woo but because she saw the face of the kidnapper, she was kidnapped as well.

    The thugs took them to a warehouse. They both tried to escape but Jung Woo was beaten up while Soo Yeon was sexually abused.

    Jung Woo managed to escape, leaving Soo Yeon in the clutches of the thugs. He called the police and his dad. His dad went to his rescue but they didn’t try to save Soo Yeon.

    In the middle of the chaos of finding Jung Woo, Soo Yeon also made her escape. But she encountered Nurse Hye Mi and the kid Kang Hyung Joon. Nurse Hye Mi tried to run her over but Soo Yeon survived with lots of injuries.

    The detective is moving heaven and earth to find Soo Yeon but even the police isn’t cooperating with him, thinking it’s a lost cause.

    Han Jung Woo, on the other hand, is still in a state of shock, disbelief and guilt.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion Episode 3:

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    I only managed to screenshot Han Jung Woo’s mint knitted sweater because this is the only outfit in this episode worth reporting as Lee Soo Yeon is in her sweater from the previous episode and she was nowhere to be found in the most part of the episode.

    Han Jung Woo’s very cute unisex mint sweater is from Teenie Weenie.

    I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    Teenie Weenie Sweater, 60,720 Won


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