I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap – Episode 2

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 2: Lee Soo Yeon’s mom decided to move as she is fed up with the life they currently have. They went to detective Kim Sung Ho’s house. Since he made a mistake in arresting Soo Yeon’s dad, her mom felt like he owes them something.

    Detective Kim’s daughter was initially miffed and at first she showed hostility to mother and daughter.

    Han Jung Woo learned that Lee Soo Yeon moved so he goes to their park, expecting to see her there. Their friendship is growing by the minute and he even shrugs it off that the whole school is bullying him as well.

    Meanwhile, Nurse Jung Hye Mi is making a move to kidnap Han Jung Woo. Two thugs were hired to trail Jung Woo and kidnap him when they get the chance.

    Jung Woo is still clueless about his dad’s activities. He goes with Lee Soo Yeon to her new home and met the detective, her mom and her new sister. He enjoyed his time in the small home, so sharply in contrast to his big but cold house. He also formed a bond with the detective.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion Recap Episode 2:

    Kim So Hyun I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    Han Jung Woo still takes the cake in fashion with his preppy outfits great for Fall and Winter styling. I actually like how he coordinates with Lee Soo Yeon. In this scene, for instance, they are both sporting clothes from the grey color palette, spiced up only by the red in Han Jung Woo’s shirt.

    I failed to take a screen shot of Jung Woo’s shoes but he was wearing this:

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You fashion

    Le Coq Sportif Rubber Shoes, 139,000 Won

    Kim So Hyun I Miss You Korean drama fashionKim So Hyun I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    Basic tee, pair of jeans and a sweater hoodie with a cute retro polka dot print makes up Lee Soo Yeon’s outfit.

    Kim So Hyun I Miss You korean drama fashion

    This is her second outfit, which is pretty much the same silhouette as her other girly outfits – dress and a cardigan. She doesn’t change footwear, understandably because her family can’t afford to buy a new one.

    Kim So Hyeon I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    But her new dad got her a new sweater that matches with her new sister.

    That’s it for now! What can I say? The first four episodes were set in the 90’s so they had to go easy on the fashion. But when they grow up, you’ll see more.


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