I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 17

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 17: Zoe just realized that Harry has been keeping a lot of things from her including how he knows Han Jung Woo’s dad is behind her disappearance in the past and how Harry’s mom is involved in all of it. Harry/Kang Hyung Jun, in a fit of anger, revealed to Zoe/Lee Su Yeon that he killed Kang Sang Chul and his brother, all in a desire to please her.

    Lee Su Yeon did not believe him. Han Jung Woo took her home with him. Here, Lee Su Yeon talked to Eun Joo. The latter was surprisingly kind and accepted her in their home.

    Kang Hyung Jun is crushed by Zoe’s/Lee Su Yeon’s betrayal and his mom’s sudden appearance. He then entrusted a new plan to the real Harry, his accomplice, the guy masquerading as Han Tae Joon’s secretary.

    The real Harry tried to kill Tae Joon but was captured by Han Jung Woo. During interrogation, he confessed that it was Lee Su Yeon who is behind all the killings. To make matters worse, Han Jung Woo received a call from Su Yeon’s phone with her voice confessing about her crimes.

    But the call is actually a fake one made by Harry using Lee Su Yeon’s video clippings from the house’s surveillance system. Han Jung Woo left to find Su Yeon.

    Su Yeon was actually trapped in Harry’s secret room. When she was released, she found Hwang Mi Ran dead on the floor. She escaped and met with Jung Woo who protected her from the police who came to arrest her.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion Recap Episode 17:

    There’s a definite lack of outfit changes in this episode. Considering the things that have been going on in the ill-fated lives of Han Jung Woo, Kang Hyung Jun and Lee Su Yeon, there’s really not much time for outfit changes.

    Yoo Seung Ho I Miss You Fashion

    Only Harry, who has now revealed his real identity as Kang Hyung Jun, seems fashionably unfazed. He wore this plaid-printed top, vest and tailored pants.

    Lee Soo Yeon I Miss You Fashion

    Yoon Eun Hye still hasn’t changed from her Valentino outfit in the previous episode. I wonder if she feels comfortable attired that way for a prolonged period of time?

    Han Ah Reum I Miss You Fashion

    Han Ah Reum I Miss You Fashion

    Only Han Ah Rum has something new to bring to the table. She is again vying for the title Ambassadress of Plastic Island with this fur-collared coat and red dress.

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    Han Ah Reum I Miss You Fashion

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    Han Ah Reum I Miss You Fashion

    She has a penchant for dresses with slightly structured sleeves, something we have in common, which is why I adore her style.

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    Han Ah Reum I Miss You Fashion

    Plastic Island PC4C0202 Dress, 116,100 Won