I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 15

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 15: Harry prevented Jung Woo from showing the photo to Lee Su Yeon. He ended up injuring Jung Woo’s hand. Zoe/Lee Su Yeon rushed to get a first aid kit.

    Harry made the pretense that he doesn’t want to see Jung Woo putting his hands on Zoe. The two guys got into an argument. Zoe got mad at both of them and told them she doesn’t want to be Lee Su Yeon and Zoe anymore.

    Jung Woo went after her but Harry, due to his injured leg, stayed behind and waited for Zoe to come home. Zoe went to her work place and slept there while Jung Woo stayed nearby to keep her safe.

    Ah Rum went in Zoe’s work place and found Jung Woo there. He took her home but his father was less than welcoming. He met his aunt, Harry’s missing mom. But while there, the masked guy who killed Kang Sang Chul made an appearance.

    Jung Woo chased the guy but to no avail. He begged his dad to tell him the secret he has been hiding for years.

    Later, another body turned up. It is Director Nam, the person they have been looking for and the one who took Han Tae Jun’s money.

    After this incident, Han Jung Woo is convinced that whoever is doing these killings, it has something to do with his father. But because of his personal connection, he was forbidden to participate in the investigation. He also got into a fight with the police director, causing him to resign from his position.

    Meanwhile, Harry asked his mysterious assistant to get Su Yeon back. The assistant made a call to Jung Woo playing a recording of Han Tae Joon talking to the doctor at the mental hospital.

    He also left a flash drive to Su Yeon. It contained an audio about Han Tae Joon’s participation in the kidnapping of Han Jung Woo when he was 15 years old. Su Yeon, looking for answers, went back to Harry.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion Recap Episode 15:

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Here’s Zoe’s look from the previous episode. Check out the make of her striped top here. It would seem like Zoe is a fan of midi and maxi skirts because she is often clad in one.

    Lee Se Young I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Lee Se Young I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Ah Rum has been conspicuously missing in the past episodes and I miss her girly style so much. Seeing her again fills me with unabashed glee.
    As expected, she is wearing another Plastic Island dress. Love the full skirt and the two-tone detail of her dress!

    Get Ah Rum’s Dress:

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Plastic Island Dress, 215,100 Won

    Lee Se Young I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Her bag is from Lapalette. This studded version doesn’t seem to be available online though.

    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Follow Eun Joo’s lead and don printed button down top underneath your sweater. It’s a classic style that even works for other seasons.

    Get Eun Joo’s Printed Button Down Top And Sweater:

    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Culture Call Printed Blouse, 62,100 Won

    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Culture Call Loose Sweater, 57,960 Won

    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Eun Joo makes another appearance in this ensemble – a printed dress over tights, boots and a coat. Her coat actually has detachable fur.

    Get Eun Joo’s Coat:

    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    ZOOC Kara Fox Alpaca Coat, 641,670 Won

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Zoe (Yoon Eun Hye) surprised me with this number – studded denim top with contrast long sleeves and mixed media scalloped skirt. I can’t even begin to understand this outfit. I like the pieces individually – just not all of them together.

    It looked like Zoe took inspiration from 80’s disco fashion and 90’s grunge.

    Get Zoe’s Skirt:

    Yoon Eun Hye I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion

    Moschino Cheap and Chic Paneled Skirt (currently out of stock)

    • monika

      What about the nails. I want zoes nails!

      • kathy

        I managed to get screen shot of her nails in the previous episodes but failed to do it lately. hehe. Love her nails too!

      • Aik

        I want her nails too =D

    • I just find this site and I am loving <3 Thank you so much for your hard work! I love the clothes of korean dramas! I liked her jacket, I would like to know from where is it 🙁

      • kathy

        Do you mean Lee Su Yeon’s denim jacket? Unfortunately, I haven’t identified the brand yet. But I’ll let you know and update this post when I find it. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

    • Minje

      Finally i found a site about her clothes, i really love them and want to buy the same clothes
      Mostly i like the Denim-Jacket with those rivets and the Brown-Starskirt with her striped red top
      but i cant find the Denim-Jacket and the Brownskirt i hope u can find it
      and thank u for your hard work

      • kathy

        Thank you so much for reading! We haven’t been able to find these items but we’ll keep on looking. 🙂

    • I really love her skirt. Please tell me how I can buy it?Thank for ur reading.

      • kathy

        Hi Miki! Thanks for reading. I think the Moschino skirt Yoon Eun Hye wore here has long since sold out.

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