I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 13

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Review Episode 13: Zoe and Han Jung Woo finally shares a kiss early in this episode. Though still conflicted, Zoe can’t deny her feelings for Jung Woo. Meanwhile, Harry goes to a tent café and drinks by himself.

    Jung Woo takes Zoe to the playground where they used to meet back when they were still 15. Here, Zoe told him they couldn’t be together because she can’t leave Harry. Jung Woo was then forced to ask her to become his friend just like the old days.

    Harry is more than a little miffed about Zoe hanging out with Jung Woo. And when he saw Jung Woo holding hands with Zoe in his home, he got mad at Zoe.

    Meanwhile, Han Tae Joon is already making his move. He had Harry’s mom cleaned up. They took a photo of her and posted it on the newspaper. Harry didn’t snap on the bait, thinking that his mom is already dead.

    The detectives are slowly uncovering the connection of Harry, everything that happened to Jung Woo and to the rapist to Han Tae Joon. When they visited the mental hospital where a ghost bank account holder was supposed to be admitted, they witnessed a murder.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Fashion Recap Episode 13:

    Yoo Seung Ho I Miss You Fashion

    The episode started with Harry visiting a tent café and attempting to drink Soju. If you recall, he was a bit iffy in visiting these places because he has such high standards and all. He wore this padded jacket from Jill Stuart New York.

    Han Jung Woo I Miss You fashion

    Han Jung Woo keeps it simple with this woolly sweater which is also from Jill Stuart New York – one of the few things he and Harry agree about.

    Han Jung Woo I Miss You fashion

    To fend off the cold, he puts on yet another Time Homme piece, this sleek blazer that has a unisex appeal.

    Get Han Jung Woo’s Coat:

    korean drama fashion

    Time Homme Coat, 1,080,000 Won

    Zoe I Miss You fashion

    Zoe I Miss You fashion

    Our female protagonist, with her penchant for prints and vintage silhouettes dons this beautiful floral dress from Orla Kiely.

    Get Her Dress:

    Zoe I Miss You fashion

    Oral Kiely Gooseberry Silk Twill Collar Dress, £251

    Zoe I Miss You fashion

    Zoe always has interesting coat choices. Here she is rocking a colorblock style coat with graphic print.

    Get Her Coat:

    Zoe I Miss You fashion

    3.1 Phillip Lim Curved Neckline Crombie Coat, $1,100 (currently sold out)

     Yoo Seung Ho I Miss You Fashion

    In the rare occasions we see Harry dressed up in denim jeans, he manages to impress. Love the classic combination of blue with denim.

    Yoo Seung Ho I Miss You Fashion

    Parading in another luxurious coat. I still see Lord of the Manor, especially in that cane.


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