I Miss You Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap – Episode 1

  • I Miss You Korean Drama Episode 1 Review: I Miss You is a melodrama about the friendship of a high school girl named Lee Soo Yeon (played by Kim So Hyun) and Han Jung Woo (played by Yeo Jin Goo).

    Lee Soo Yeon’s life is full of challenges, no thanks to her abusive father and her less than caring mother. Her life is about to become worse after her father was tried for murder. Having the stigma of a murderer’s daughter, no person is willing to be friends with her – until Han Jung Woo came long.

    Han Jung Woo has his own share of family drama. Though from a rich family, his home of devoid of warmth and affection (definitely not from his father and his step mom). But despite that, he seems to be a mild-tempered kid full of life.

    The two met in passing in front of the jail and then later met at the neighborhood’s playground. Soo Yeon is confused as to why someone would want to talk to her. Since Jung Woo just got back from the states, he has no clue as to why Soo Yeon should be avoided.

    He finally realized why the next day in school. He learned from students that Soo Yeon’s dad was a murderer. This prompted him to stay away from her, thereby hurting Soo Yeon. But after a bit of thinking, he finally came to his senses.

    He went to Soo Yeon’s place to talk to her but found her on her knees in the middle of a drama involving her mom and the mother of the child and man her father supposedly killed. Humiliated, Soo Yeon fled.

    Meanwhile, Detective Kim Sung Ho, the one who arrested her dad, has been keeping tabs on her. It turned out that he arrested the wrong man and is now feeling responsible for her plight.

    Another family drama is unfolding. Han Jung Woo’s dad, Han Tae Joon is out to get the money of his dad. But his dad left it in the care of his second wife, Kang Hyun Joo. Hyun Joo, in turn, gave it to her son Kang Hyung Joon. Kang Hyung Joon escaped Jung Woo with the aid of her mom’s nurse Jung Hye Mi but not without suffering injuries.

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    I Miss You Korean Drama Episode 1 Fashion Recap:

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    15-year old Han Jung Woo loves mixing and matching prints and textures. This is his first outfit – a green diamond-printed sweater with a collared button down top underneath which are both from Kelburn. He keeps it casual with rubber shoes and grey pants.

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You korean drama fashion

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    His sweater choices are also interesting. This one boasts of different-colored sleeves. He injected checkered print to offset the solid colors. Completing his preppy, school boy look is this tweed rucksack.

    Kim So Hyun I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    Kim So Hyun I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    When not in uniform, Lee Soo Yeon is the image of the prim and proper girl next door. She loves pairing dresses and sweaters with her canvas sneakers. This floral collared dress looks cute on her, especially when paired with a simple cardigan.

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    One of the backpacks Han Jung Woo used is this canvas bag from Viamonoh. Viamonoh is also a favourite in the recently concluded high school drama To The Beautiful You.

    Get Han Jung Woo’s Bag:

    I MIss You Korean Drama backpack

    Viamonoh Camping Line 2 Hood Backpack, 118.00 Won

    Kim So Hyun I Miss You Korean drama fashion

    We are still trying to find this sweater. Like the color but hate the Engrish. The “N” in Vintage is evidently missing. But a nice long varsity sweater like this should be a staple in your fall and winter wardrobe.

    Yeo Jin Goo I Miss You Korean Drama fashion

    How adorable is Han Jung Woo in this ensemble? Striped knitted top and button down shirt? You can’t go wrong. But what really stole the scene for me is his adorable little sister, Ah Rum. She looks too cute in a 60’s frock with a blouse underneath boasting of peter pan collar.