Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama Review and Fashion Recap: Episode 1

  • Synopsis: Another rom-com has been created to replace the successful drama Big. This time, it stars actor Kim Kang Woo and actress Jo Yeo Jung. Kim Kang Woo’s character Lee Tae Sung is a budding prosecutor who is known for his persistence and dedication for his work. Jo Yeo Jung’s character, Go So Ra is a fisherwoman living with her senile dad and her dad’s three henchmen.

    The story starts with Tae Sung working undercover in Busan to capture a drug dealer named Oh Jung Chul. The operation fouled up no thanks to one of his agents. Meanwhile, he left his agents in charge of the operation as he has to go back to Seoul in time for his wedding.

    We are also introduced to the life of Go So Ra, a humble fisherwoman who is known for her positive and vivacious character. Her father used to own the Haeundae hotel, running it smoothly for years together with his gangster henchmen until someone else took it over. They now live in comparative poverty with fishing as their main source of income. They also do deliveries to other places. They have been gradually paying off their doubts doing various jobs.

    Tae Sung got to his wedding on time but not without a few scrapes and bruises from his last encounter with Oh Jung Chul. Thankfully, his adoptive dad dotes on him so much. His betrothed also accepts his shortcomings in favor of being a devoted soon-to-be-wife. He is not as fortunate with his adoptive mom though as she sees him as a hindrance to his own sons.

    So Ra was on her way to make a fish delivery when she saw an old woman got almost run over by a motorcycle. She helped the old woman and even offered to take her to wherever she is going. It turned out that the old woman wants to be dropped off at Haeundae hotel, the last place she wanted to go to at the moment.

    On the way there, her delivery truck was spotted by Yook Tam Hee played by actress Kim Hye Eun. She now runs the place as her husband who took over the hotel from So Ra’s father is gravely ill. She called the hotel security to stop the truck from getting to the hotel. She got splashed with ocean water in the process, much to her humiliation. She then got into an argument with So Ra and forbid her to ever come to Haeundae hotel.

    While the argument is going on, the Vice President of the hotel, Choi Joon Hyuk played by Jung Suk Won looks on.

    Tae Sung and Se Na’s wedding finished and they were on their way to their honeymoon when Se Na experienced severe abdominal pain. Tae Sung took her to the hospital where they found out that she has appendicitis. They had to operate on her. Tae Sung didn’t waste time waiting at the hospital and went back to work after confirming another lead on Oh Jung Chul.

    He went undercover as a muscle man at a bar where he met So Ra who was masquerading as a gisaeng in order to pay off the debt of Lee Gwan Soon played by T-Ara member Park So Yeon. She is the daughter of one of Lee Soon Shin played by Lee Jae Young, one of his dad’s henchmen.

    Tae Sung mistakenly though she was the gisaeng who was supposedly their lead to Oh Jung Chul.

    Fashion Highlights:

    Go So Ra Fashion

    I have to say, fashion-wise, the first episode was a tad disappointing (crossing my fingers on the next episodes). I don’t really expect much from Go So Ra’s fashion in Haeundae Lovers seeing she is a fisherwoman and it would be unrealistic for her to wear pretty clothes. I just hope we’d see her dressing to the nines once in a while.

    On the other hand, they incorporated things that made a statement such as this ear stud. I’m not sure though if it is pierced or adhered.

    Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama Fashion

    Hwang Joo Hee promises to be one of the best-dressed characters in this drama. In the wedding of her friend Yoon Se Na played by Nam Gyu Ri, she is wearing a one-sleeved red number and strappy stilettos.

    Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama Fashion

    She kept her look simple by doing away with the elaborate hairstyle and just tucking the right side of her hair behind her ear to reveal her two piercing.

    Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama Fashion

    The second male lead, Choi Joon Hyuk, played by Jung Suk Won, also keeps everything simple and laid-back with denim pants, plain white shirt and a light cardigan. He accessorized with oversized shades, big silver watch and a cluster of beaded bracelets. You can also see a chain hooked to his belt. I guess this late 90s and early 2000 trend is coming back again, eh?

    Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama Fashion

    Yook Tam Hee’s, played by Kim Hye Eun, expensive platform shoes. Cut out platforms are all the rage these days. You’d see a lot of these in many apparel shops. It definitely amplifies the sexiness of your feet and your whole ensemble.

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    Haeundae Lovers Korean Drama Fashion

    Yook Tam Hee tries to look sophisticated and polished but there’s just something forced about it. The wide-brimmed hat just looks tacky. It’s all about balance. When wearing something body-hugging, pair it up with something loose. This look would have been better if the cropped top was a bit loose. Love the high waist shorts though.

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    Haeundae Lovers has been amusing so far. While the fashion leaves something to be desired, I definitely enjoyed the initial story line.

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