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Flower Boy Next Door/ Flower Boy Neighbor Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 2

Flower Boy Next Door/ Flower Boy Neighbor Review Episode 2: Enrique found out that the person he saw peeping at their apartment from the other building is actually a woman. He attempted to confront her but the Dok Mi’s next door neighbors, particularly Jin Rok, saved her.

Jin Rok was particularly friendly to her and while Dok Mi is still her usual elusive self, she warms up to him. She also asked him to stand in for her at the next neighborhood demonstration.

Jin Rok, on the other hand, uses Dok Mi as inspiration for his next cartoon project. He took inspiration from Dok Mi’s personality and how she shies away from the rest of the world and just hides in the four corners of her room.

Enrique found out that Dok Mi was just trying to check on their dog. He approached her and told her he knows the truth. Dok Mi avoids him like the plague though.

Dok Mi made an effort to attend the neighborhood meeting and demonstration. But when she was actually blending in well, Cha Do Whee showed up. Do Whee was a classmate who frequently bullied her. From the flashbacks we also figured out why Dok Mi is so anti-social. It turned out that she suffered from a lot of bullying in the past.

The rush of memories and emotions sent Dok Mi into a faint. Enrique caught her and took her to their apartment. When she woke up, she attempted to go home but before that happened, Enrique’s brother, Han Tae Joon, the guy she has been crushing on for so long, appeared.

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Flower Boy Next Door/ Flower Boy Neighbor Fashion Recap Episode 2:

My Flower Boy Neighbor

My Flower Boy Neighbor

My Flower Boy Neighbor

Despite Go Dok Mi’s deplorable style, she has never looked prettier. The lighting in this drama is just dreamy and I love how Park Shin Hye looks even more innocent and youthful than she already is. I’m digging the orange blush too!

My Flower Boy Neighbor

My Flower Boy Neighbor

Enrique owns his style. This heavily layered ensemble is reminiscent to the one he wore in the previous episode with the blue coat. He also wore the same bag, but only in a different color.

Get Enrique’s Bag:

My Flower Boy Neighbor

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My Flower Boy Neighbor

When there are four flower boy guys to style, you have to do it in such a way that their unique personalities have to seep through their outer appearance. Dong Hoon takes care of the edgy street style as evident in this studded denim button down top. Jin Rok’s style is more rugged. Enrique is playful and experimental while Watanabe (from what I have seen of him thus far) is dapper.

My Flower Boy Neighbor

I really think Enrique’s style complements Go Dok Mi’s mainly because of their fondness of colors and layering.

My Flower Boy Neighbor

So who is this girl coming to shake up the neighborhood in her ostentatious pink coat and buckled boots?

My Flower Boy Neighbor

It’s Cha Do Whee (played by Park Soo Jin) and it looks like she has eyes on Jin Rok. That kitschy frou frou cape hurts my eyes so bad, I have to redirect it to her more sedate envelope purse.

My Flower Boy Neighbor

On the other hand, I like her oversized glasses. It’s from Rebecca Minkoff.

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My Flower Boy Neighbor

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