Cheongdamdong Alice Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 8

  • Cheongdamdong Alice Review Episode 8: While in the elevator on the way to the Artemis event, Han Se Kyung got a message from Ah Jeong saying she remembered what Secretary Moon told him in a state of drunkenness. Secretary Kim is actually the President.

    But Secretary Moon also told the President that he remembered Ah Jeong saying Han Se Kyung has feelings for him. Cha Seung Jo is understandably elated but Se Kyung feels confused. She just rejected Secretary Kim so that she can focus on her goal of getting herself a white rabbit.

    The President couldn’t contain his excitement but he is also at a loss as to how to reveal to Se Kyung about his real identity. With the help of his best friend doctor, he concocted a plan to reveal it to her during his speech. But before he can do that, Se Kyung was nowhere to be found.

    Tommy Hong, who was also in the party, was intrigued by Se Kyung’s presence. He noticed that in Se Kyung’s haste to get away from the party, she left her phone. He took it.

    After meeting with Cha Il Nam, Seo Yoon Joo talked with Se Kyung. Cha Il Nam has no plans of revealing her secrets to her husband’s family.

    Se Kyung decided to send a letter to Cha Seung Jo saying that she can no longer work as a stylist because of her feelings for Secretary Kim. Her friend told her she should avoid Cha Seung Jo in the mean time so he will come look for her.

    But Tommy Hong already solved the puzzle, thanks to Se Kyung’s phone. He already knows Se Kyung’s scheme and he knows she could be a hindrance to his current matchmaking plans.

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    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Recap Episode 8:

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Moon Geun Young

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Moon Geun Young

    Han Se Kyung goes back to her usual style after a night of being Cinderella in Valentino coat and DvF dress. Earlier in the episode, she had on maroon pull over. I don’t know why they dress Se Kyung so much in this color. To keep the cold at bay, she paired the sweater up with this padded vest from Chris Christy.

    Get Han Se Kyung’s Vest:

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Moon Geun Young

    Chris Christy Padded Vest (in color gray), 143,100 Won

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Kim Ji Suk

    Tommy Hong was especially dashing in this rose-embossed suit. I mean, who dons rose-printed suits? Only Tommy Hong, it appears.

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion So E Hyun

    Seo Yoon Joo is still wearing this ensemble from the previous episode. I’m not complaining though. I love seeing that Givenchy Antigona bag and her luxurious Etro coat.

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion So E Hyun

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion So E Hyung

    She struggles to contain her anxiety after the news of the marriage arrangement between Shin Hwa and Seung Jo came out. But she looks every inch the madame though even in this sweater. Looks like she has a penchant for embellished collars.

    Get Yoon Joo’s Sweater:

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion So E Hyun

    NiceClaup Sweater, 242,100 Won

    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Moon Geun Young

    At the end of the episode, Han Se Kyung made a hasty effort to dress up. Seriously, I’m getting bored with her doe eyes and bland outfits. But anyway, I’ll just do a recap of this outfit in the next episode as we’ll see more of it.


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