Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3

Cheongdamdong Alice Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 3

Cheongdamdong Alice Review Episode 3: Last episode’s confrontation with Seo Yoon Joo left Cha Seung Joo (Jean Thierry Cha) in Cloud Nine. But his friend and doctor advices him to stop escaping from the pain and just cry. But no matter what he does, he could not shed the tears.

Meanwhile So In Chan’s mom passed away. Se Kyung was there to offer In Chan her emotional support. She also took it upon herself to send Artemis Korea’s CEO a letter asking to withdraw the legal actions taken towards In Chan. She also gave her personal bank book to show her sincerity.

Because of Se Kyung’s efforts to save her boyfriend, Cha Seung Joo was moved to tears. For the first time, he sheds tears. He thought such love no longer exists but Se Kyung proved him wrong. He then sought out to help both In Chan and Se Kyung.

But things didn’t go out according to his plans. Rather than get back together, In Chan used the bank book of Se Kyung to pay his remaining debts and fled abroad. Se Kyung was devastated.

Seung Joo was worried about her so he kept following her around. Se Kyung wept for her lost love while Seung Joo looks on, feeling helpless.

When Se Kyung got home, she found Yoon Joo waiting for her. Looks like Yoon Joo is ready to spill the beans about how she got on top and she is willing to teach Se Kyung through a diary she has written.

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Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Recap Episode 3:

Shin So Yul Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion

Shin So Yul Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion

Ah Jeong always makes sure that her coats are perfect for Cheongdamdong street. I love this navy blue structured coat with its flared bottom and studded collar.

Get Her Coat:

Shin So Yul Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion

McGinn Knightsbridge Coat, 249,000 Won

Jean Thierry Cha Cheongdamdong Alice fashion1

Sung Joo sheds off his suit in favor of this more comfortable ensemble – a sleek blazer paired with pants and gray shirt, a silhouette often overused by the leading men in today’s Korean dramas.

Park Si Hoo Cheongdamdong Alice

Seeing Sung Joo in clothes other than business attire is refreshing. This is an interesting jacket with its combination of textures and design. I’m a fan of his glasses too!

Get His Jacket:

Park Si Hoo Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion

Diesel K-Nahoa Chunky Knit Wool Blend Jacket, $220.80

 So E Hyun Cheongdamdong Alice

So E Hyun Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion

Seo Yoon Joo looks polished from head to toe as always. Her accessories also reek high-end. Just check out that luxurious-looking red bag!

Gu Won Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion

But what really drew my attention was her brother. I initially thought his style is going to be bad-ass when we first saw him riding a bicycle clad in leather jacket. But surprisingly, he gravitates more towards preppy ensembles. Just check out his striped button down top, yellow sweater and suspenders!

Moon Geun Young Cheongdamdong Alice fashion

Han Se Kyung was in her usual forgettable style. She has an extensive collection of grey coats and monochrome tees that I’m craving to see her in something more prismatic. Her Kate Ann Kelly Zig Zag Muffle looks comfy though.

Seo Yoon Joo Cheongdamdong Alice fashion

At the end of the episode, we see Yoon Joo change into a furry coat. We are also afforded a close-up look of her luxury hand bag:

So E Hyun Cheongdamdong Alice


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4 Responses to “Cheongdamdong Alice Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 3”
  1. F.Ids says:

    Not fashionnably talking, does the drama worth it? Cause the plot seems lame and very déjà-vu. So i kinda hesitate. Fashionnably talking, i hope they will be lot of awesome clothings.

    • kathy says:

      I had doubts at first but it’s actually starting to get really good. In fact, I’m addicted to this drama. It has a nice balance of drama and comedy, which is something I am looking for. The other drama I’m watching, I Miss You, is really heavy drama so I was looking for something that will crack me up. Fashion-wise, they used a lot of haute couture here. But I think I like I Miss You’s fashion more.

      • F.Ids says:

        Maybe i should start watching it. Cause right now, i don’t have anything to watch. I started I Miss You, but it’s a heavy melodrama, it will drive me crazy soon. I am waiting for the ratings.
        Yeah, since it’s a comedy about designers and all, i hope the fashion will be badass. Anyway, you never know, cause i tried to watch Fashion’s KIng because of it’s fashion side, but i was really disappointed.

        • kathy says:

          The show’s really interesting. I didn’t watch Fashion King because I heard about how bad the ending was. But you should go ahead and check out Cheongdamdong Alice. 🙂

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