Cheongdamdong Alice Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 2

  • Cheongdamdong Alice Review Episode 2: No one was more astounded at the revelation that GN Company’s madame is none other than Seo Yoon Joo than Han Se Kyung. After all, it is her high school nemesis and she now does errands for her.

    But Yoon Joo pretends she doesn’t know that it was Han Se she has been sending off to errands. She attempted to hand in her resignation but after her talk with team leader In Hwa, Han Se soldiers up and accepts this new twist to her life.

    Han Se’s best friend couldn’t let this go though so she tried to learn more about how Yoon Joo acquired such a position.

    She soon becomes preoccupied with her boyfriend’s problems. She returned the bag her boyfriend gave her to Artemis. It turns out that it is one of the bags that were illegally sold without the company’s permission. It was actually her boyfriend, So In Chan distributing these expensive bags so he can collect enough money to pay for his mother’s hospital bills.

    Han Se soon learns from Yoon Joo’s husband, her boss, that it was Yoon Joo who contrived to hire her. Desperate and broken-hearted, she sought out In Chan. Knowing of his boyfriend’s troubles with Artemis, she tried to talk to Artemis’ CEO.

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    Cheongdamdong Alice Fashion Recap Episode 2:

    So E Hyun Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    This scene shook the realities of Han Se Kyung. Your high school rival coming back to torment you? I suppose that makes an interesting drama plot, which is why I’m hooked to this show.

    The fashion also doesn’t disappoint. Seo Yoon Joo is definitely a skilled strategist. She wore her most stunning lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana, sheer stockings, Christian Louboutin stilettos, metallic clutch and an oversized jacket from Lanvin.

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    Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    Dolce & Gabbana Lace Dress (currently out of stock)

    Get Her Shoes:

    Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Pumps

    Moon Geun Young Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    No doubt about it, Han Se is outclassed. If you haven’t noticed how far below she is in terms of fashion, you will now when shown in one scene with the ambitious Seo Yen Joo.

    Moon Geun Young Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    Moon Geun Young Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    Despite that, I am most drawn to her style because it is the one thing I can relate to in this drama. She does a good job in achieving form and function.

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    Moon Geun Young Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

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    Cheongdamdong Alice fashion


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    Moon Geun Young Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    Satchels are Han Se Kyung’s bag of choice. It may not look as luxurious as the other bags carried by the other richer characters but she definitely holds her own in everyday fashion. Her satchel is from TNGTW.

    Cheongdamdong Alice korean drama fashion

    Her best friend fares better in buying expensive stuff because here she is in a luxurious green coat with a fur neckline from Satin.

    Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama fashion

    Orange hues are also perfect this season and Han Se’s friend knows that. Her orange jacket is from Coiincos.

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    Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama Fashion

    Coiincos Orange Jacket, 134,100 Won

     So E Hyun Cheongdamdong Alice fashion

    Seo Yoon Joo Cheongdamdong Alice fashion5

    The one thing that really stood out for me in this episode is Seo Yoon Joo’s detachable collar. It is a statement piece heavy with ornate brooches, appliqués and jewels. It’s hard to miss. This detachable collar is from Obzee.