Bride of the Water God / Bride of Habaek Episode 7 Review

  • Bride of the Water God / Bride of Habaek Episode 7 Fashion Review

    The story so far: Habaek found out that Yoon So-A is planning to sell to the land of the gods. He tore the contract So-A left in Bi Ryum’s car. So-A was upset that he can easily destroy things that belong to her and angry that he has to have a say in what she wants to do.

    Lost in her thoughts, So-A did not notice a truck coming at her in full speed while she’s crossing the street. Habaek shouted a warning but too late. He ran after her and couldn’t find her. Turned out Bi Ryum saved So-A.

    Bi Ryum takes care of the cool guy character and he’s dressed up appropriately for it. Love this casual ensemble although it makes me really wonder if there’s really a need for the jacket this time in the summer.

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    So-A went to Hoo Ye’s farm to tell him about the contract. Not so sure about white blazers. They always remind me of doctors coats. Also, So-A’s wearing her favorite Rachel Cox sneakers again.

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    Hoo Ye let So-A do manual farm labor saying that manual work is the cure to many problems. I almost didn’t notice So-A wearing yet another camisole top.

    Habaek patiently waits for So-A to come home. They didn’t even make an effort to iron his shirt or is this supposed to look crumpled?

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    Moo Ra was down by the riverside healing some dying fishes. She looks like a real goddess in this ruffled dress that she wore to perfection.

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    Meanwhile, Yoon So-A is content in her sweatshirt and sweatpants so long as she gets a call from Hoo Ye. The latter called her to talk about the contract.

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    Habaek looks just as smitten with his sweatpants although he did make an effort to change his shirt and donned a jacket.

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    Moo Ra couldn’t stand Habaek’s wardrobe either so he sent him lots of stylish clothes.

    What, no camisole top today?

    For some reason, all of Moo Ra’s on screen love interests faint at the prospect of kissing her. Lol. But not even her chronic frown can detract from her loveliness. She looks just as pretty in this white bridal gown-ish dress.

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    Hoo Ye seems like such a nice guy, if a tad bit shady. What’s with the fire?

    Moo Ra meets up with Hoo Ye along with Bi Ryum. Her accessorizing game is strong.

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    Um, okay. So is this the new clothing that Moo Ra sent Habaek?

    Not that I see what Habaek’s “blouse” looks like with a suit on, it doesn’t look that bad. On the other hand, Moo Ra totally stole the scene in this black dress. How stunning!

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    Habaek and Moo Ra along with Nam Soo Ri went back to the land of the gods to check up on something Habaek noticed the first time they came here – a rock that has blood on it. It’s supposedly odd because the land purifies anything that touches it so the blood is actually unexplainable.

    So-A finally signed the contract with Hoo Ye but felt guilty all the time.

    She wasn’t able to get a good night’s rest while guilt assailed her.

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    Only Moo Ra can wear something as bold as this color and one with so much volume.

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    Bi Ryum gatecrashes the minor gods’ brunch party. Everyone scampered away in fear.

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    They managed to get ahold of that one minor god Habaek was looking for.

    Look at Habaek being stylish and all. The minor god begged for forgiveness but Habaek was only interested as to why there’s blood on a stone found at the land of the gods. The minor god explained that it could be from a demi god.

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    Only Habaek will know who the demi god is according to the high priest in their land. When he saw Hoo Ye talking with Yoon So-A, he noticed something odd about him.

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    He waylaid Hoo Ye and told him he already caught him.