Bride of Habaek/Bride of the Water God Episode 1 Review

  • Bride of Habaek/Bride of the Water God Episode 1 Korean Drama Fashion Review

    We’re breaking our very long hiatus with Shin Se Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk’s latest drama. Bride of Habaek proves that Nam Joo Hyuk is really leading man material (if Weightlifting Fairy hasn’t already). Shin Se Kyung is no stranger to Korean Drama Fashion. We’ve covered her outfits in The Girl Who Can See Smells.

    Our first look of Shin Se Kyung’s character, Yoon So-A, is at a bridge, flinging a white flower out into the river and wearing a striking red trench coat. What she’s doing there, we’ll still have to wait to find out.

    Meanwhile, Habaek is at his dwelling, living the life of a God, his likeness being painted with ladies-in-waiting fanning his glorious form. Being a god destined to become the emperor of all the other gods,  Habaek has the arrogance to go with it. He’s set to go to the human world to retrieve the stones from the other gods who protect it there so he can finally become the emperor. Habaek refused to listen to his advisors, feeling like the task is just a walk in the park.

    Present day Yoon So-A is a psychologist. She’s treating a patient who claims he has seen a god and that the gods have a message for him. At this point, I wondered why So-A decided to become a psychologist when she clearly seems detached with the situation and the patient.

    So-A’s clinic isn’t doing well either. She’s neck-deep in depth. She’s lucky she has an assistant who is still loyal to her despite her current financial difficulties.

    There’s nothing mind-blowing about her style. In fact, it reminds of her previous styles in her previous dramas. It is character-appropriate though with her profession and how she needs to move around a lot in this drama.

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    Yoon So-A’s obsession with getting rich is because she wants to escape Korea and live in Vanuatu. She remembered a diamond ring she buried in this place, which was given to her by a previous suitor. She managed to find it but as she was looking at the stars, she noticed something strange.

    The strange falling star that So-A saw was actually Habaek arriving on Earth. But instead of arriving at his destination, he fell right where So-A is. Habaek borrowed So-A’s soiled doctor’s coat with the diamond ring in it as he arrived unclothed.

    So-A woke up wondering what happened to her. She then noticed her pink coat missing.

    Here you can see her entire outfit. She’s wearing a pair of cropped tapered pants to go with her top.

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    Nam Soo Ri, Habaek’s slave, managed to find clothing for him. You would think it’s been tailor-fitted for the picky Habaek as it fits him like a glove. Apparently, in the past few years that we’ve gone on a hiatus, nothing has changed much when it comes to men’s fashion. On the other hand, Habaek can make even a stained pink button down shirt look great.

    Something about Yoon So-A seeing the falling star and making a wish caused Habaek to crash land there and inadvertently lose his powers. He also managed to lose his coordinates.

    When Habaek saw Soo-A, he approached her thinking to explain that he’s no thief and that he will compensate her once he gets his powers back. But Soo-A only thought he’s mentally ill.

    Nam Soo Ri managed to find both of them a temporary home by the Han River.

    Lim Ju Hwan, who plays the role of the property tycoon, Hoo Ye, looks sleekly-dressed int his suit paired with a plaid necktie.

    Yoon Soo-A’s way to add interest to her usual look is to layer a camisole top over her white shirt.

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    She went to the bank to ask for an extension on her pending loans. When she was made to wait, she followed the lady she was talking to who prioritized the bank VIP, Hoo Ye.

    To make matters worse, her assistant damaged Hoo Ye’s car’s wiper, adding up to their mounting expenses.

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    With his powers gone and after losing his coordinates, Nam Soo Ri had no choice but to take them to the land where the gods usually arrive.

    Apparently, the land belongs to Soo-A. She’s been trying to sell it off but her realtor said it’s impossible to sell it as nobody is interested in that piece of land. When she visited it, she found Habaek and Nam Soo Ri there.

    At first, I thought she’s wearing the doctor’s coat her assistant got her but she actually has a different blazer on.

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    After finding out that she owns the land, it became clear to Habaek that Yoon So-A is the descendant they were looking for. She was destined to be the slave to Habaek.

    So-A nearly ran into Nam Soo Ri. Habaek made Nam Soo Ri pretend that he was injured so So-A was forced to give them a ride. Her navigation system acted up though and it took them to the woods until her car finally ran out of gas. They made Nam Soo Ri go get gasoline while they waited. Unfortunately, a boar came and chased both of them so they had no choice but to stay at the car’s trunk.

    Frustrated that So-A still doesn’t know her duties to him as a slave, Habaek decided to “wake” So-A up by kissing her.