Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 6 Review

  • Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 6 Korean Drama Fashion Review

    Poor Yoon So-A got caught in the middle of a god war. Habaek figured out why Moo Ra and Bi Ryeom refused to give him the god stones.

    Moo Ra finally told the truth that they have lost the stones but blamed Bi Ryeom for the secrecy.

    We’ve already introduced this Christopher Kane dress from the previous episode review but here we can see Mo Ra’s entire outfit. She wore the dress with a pair of silver pumps and statement earrings.

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    Soo-A gave Bi Ryeom a much-deserved slap on the face and drove off in Moo Ra’s car.

    Moo Ra wondered how on earth Habaek figured out they lost the god stones but Bi Ryeom remembered that they played the same trick on Habaek before when they lost the fireflies that Habaek’s mother gave him.

    Bi Ryeom threw So-A’s cellphone away so she couldn’t call her assistant and only friend. She couldn’t go home either and ace Habaek so she went to her mother’s grave instead.

    Yoon So-A eventually went home and found Habaek waiting for her. She wondered what sort of mistakes her ancestors made that she has to be forced to be the slave of gods who care nothing about her. But Habaek promised her that she will never be hurt again because of the gods.

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    As if Yoon So-A still needs to establish her doctor character, she donned this white blazer that made her look like she’s going to be checking on someone’s vital signs.

    I actually like Shin Ja Ya’s style and her seemingly budding relationship with Secretary Min.

    After failing to meet up with him, Hoo Ye has been calling Yoon So-A. Since her phone’s gone, she can’t be contacted either. Hoo Ye’s forced to go to her office to check up on her. So-A was about to have the transaction over and done with but remembered she left the contract in Bi Ryeom’s car. Hoo Ye, ever so understanding told her to just meet up with him if she’s ready to sign.

    Moo Ra apologized to Habaek for playing him. They finally revealed what happened to the god stones.

    It turned out that Bi Ryeom pissed off Moo Ra and this caused an argument between them that turned into an all-out fight. The other god, Joo Dong, broke the fight off but ended up flinging their god stones elsewhere. They managed to find Bi Ryeom’s god stone but couldn’t find Moo Ra’s. Joo Dong went missing as well.

    They like to dress up Moo Ra in red, most likely to cement her goddess status.

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    When Habaek asked Moo Ra what the argument with Bi Ryeom was all about, she evaded it and said it’s none of his business.

    It’s all about exaggerated silhouettes these days as evident with Moo Ra’s style in this scene. The puffed sleeves and fitted bottom of her top created extra interest to her look. She paired this off with black pants and sandals.

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    Meanwhile, we get treated to some lovey-dovey scene from our main couple. So-A got herself a new phone and she immediately got a call from Habaek. He asked her to chauffer him again to where they first met. This is where he lost the coordinates. He started looking for the coordinates and So-A started taking photos of him. They ended up getting selcas together.

    As usual, So-A is in a pair of pants and pair of sneakers.

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    Yoon So-A’s friend, Jo Yeom Mi finally got back from wherever she was and she came home with a god. She insisted that So-A meet with the god.

    The god turned out to be the lesser god who caused Habaek to have pangs of hunger. He escaped and broke into a run and Habaek gave chase but eventually lost him.

    After that, So-A insisted on going back to Bi Ryeom to retrieve the contract but Habaek revealead that he took the contract and read it. He couldn’t believe So-A is selling the god land so he tore the contract into pieces.

    So-A got hurt that he just tore off the contract like that when it’s her key to happiness. The gods will be gone but she will still remain miserable without the money from selling the land. She walked away from Habaek still seething and did not notice an incoming truck.