Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 5 Review

  • Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 5 Korean Drama Fashion Review

    Habaek calls So-A so he can borrow her car. But since So-A can’t let Habaek drive, she drove the car instead and took them to the seaside.

    This scene is totally unnecessary, if you ask me but I suppose she’s plugging this pair of glasses from:

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    Habaek notices the guy who’ve been following So-A. He waited around to see what the guy will do and true to his suspicions, the guy tampered with So-A’s car’s brakes.

    They have a nice picnic in this serene place. When they went home, Habaek slyly took hold of the car keys and got in the driver’s seat so he can drive.

    The brakes are indeed tampered but Habaek managed to get himself and So-A to safety when his powers suddenly came back again. But what about Nam Soo Ri? Is he as immortal as the other gods?

    Turned out that the one stalking So-A and tried to kill was the same guy who rear-ended her car before.

    Here we get a peak of how So-A met the guy.

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    Turned out the guy has spotless clean record until he got into an accident with So-A’s car. His obsessive tendencies couldn’t take the mar on his records so he’s been trying to rectify it by ending So-A’s life.

    So-A changed clothes. It’s nice to see her in something other than a blazer. Denim isn’t such a huge trend for this summer season, is it? I feel like the previous summer dramas are inundated with denim but this one, not so much.

    Habaek told So-A that if she’s thankful about him saving her life, she should treat them to a nice meal so off went So-A to the grocery store where she chose meat that’s about to expire because that’s the cheapest. As if someone who hasn’t eaten anything for all his life would know what quality meat tastes like, eh?

    Among So-A’s many virtues, cooking isn’t one of them. After all her efforts, she managed to serve them ramyeon.

    Love that Habaek is finally getting change of clothing. So tired of the boring suits.

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    So-A managed to get Habaek to cook for them by showing him a cooking show.

    Camisole tops are definitely a staple in Yoon So-A’s wardrobe.

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    Habaek and Nam Soo Ri decided to pay Bi Ryeom a visit. So-A insisted on going. While staring up the high rise building Bi Ryeom is staying at, So- A couldn’t help but reminisce the guy who gave her the diamond who used to live in that place.

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    Yep, turned out So-A’s diamond guy is none other than Bi Ryeom, much to So-A’s surprise.

    Isn’t too late in this season to be wearing thick coats? Lucky for Bi Ryeom, he seems to pull it off quite well.

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    Like Moo Ra, Bi Ryeom also refuses to give Habaek his god stone.

    Hoo Ye didn’t peg me as a guy who’ll do manual labor. He really has a lot of layers.

    A better look at what they’re wearing.

    Moo Ra met up with Habaek again only to refuse to give him her god stone – again. She’s frustrated that she has to keep on lying to him.

    She looks on-point in this figure-flattering dress.

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    So-A was so out of it from her near demise that she forgot to contact Hoo Ye about the contract. She immediately set up a meeting with him. But then when she got out of the office to meet up with Hoo Ye, she was waylaid and forced into the car by Bi Ryeom.

    Habaek saw Bi Ryeom take So-A and followed them. Bi Ryeom bribed So-A into feeding Habaek a forgetfulness potion so they can stall in giving him the god stones. But So-A refused and destroyed the potion. Habaek arrived on the scene and beckoned So-A to come to him but Bi Ryeom used his powers to fling So-A further, cause her to be stranded in the middle of falling bridge debris and make rain fall down hard on her.

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    Habaek, enraged that Bi Ryeom is doing this to So-A finally blurted out his suspicions as to why Bi Ryeom and Moo Ra are stalling in giving him the god stones. He figured out that they have lost the stones.