Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 4 Review

  • Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 4 Korean Drama Fashion Review

    Habaek’s powers returned in a moment of extreme need. He was able to save Yoon So-A from falling off of a building.

    Yoon So-A couldn’t believe her eyes. Habaek was speaking the truth all along.

    Because Yoon So-A was feeling flustered and out of sorts from her near death experience, Habaek and Nam Soo Ri took her home, with Habaek driving her car. Nam Soo Ri took this chance to remind So-A who saved here and to get her admission that she believes Habaek is a god. This allowed them to enter So-A’s house and claim resident there. Unfortuantely, all So-A could offer was this rooftop, which seems a little shabby to Habaek.

    So-A woke up the next morning in the same clothes she was in the previous day. She remembered what transpired before and her near miss. She asked Nam Soo Ri about Habaek and how he came to lose his powers.

    Habaek made full use of the big tub lying on So-A’s rooftop. Why it’s there in the first place, we’ll never begin to guess.

    Moo Ra slays in her photo shoot.

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    She can wear a sack and still look great. There’s way too much red in this shoot though, I wonder if that’s deliberate?

    It’s one thing to wear a kntted cropped top and quite another to wear a matching pair of shorts with it. Looks uncomfortable if you ask me although as usual, she killed it with those long gams.

    She wore the Miu Miu Knit Short-Sleeve Crop Top and Shorts in Light Blue but this set is already sold out.

    Love this dress. The little flap detail on the bodice mdae it look more interesting.

    Apparently, the place Moo Ra is staying at is owned by Hoo Ye. Moo Ra also seems to respect him a lot.

    One of the things that evolved in the fashion scene is the accessorizing. Big and chunky earrings seem to be all the rage now.

    While Hoo Ye is going through the documents of the lands his company plans on buying, he came across the gods’ land, which is currently owned by Yoon So-A.

    So-A asked her assistant if there are people who could possibly want her dead. Her assistant enumerated all the people he knows, who turned out to be all the kids her father took in when they were kids. Her assistant happened to be one of those kids. As a kid, So-A was a little cruel to them. But her cruelty was only a result of her father’s negligence towards her.

    Habaek finally changed but it doesn’t look any better. This green track suit seems to be a staple for the homeless and wardrobe-less creatures from other kingdoms. I keep on remembering Rooftop Prince. Lol.

    Yoon So-A’s typical style – wear innerwear as outerwear. I couldn’t fault this though. It looks like something I’d wear on a lazy day and still feel good about myself.

    So-A was so overwrought with nearly dying that she mistook a man passing by as her killer. The man took exception to being mistaken as a sexual offender although if that was me, I’d freak out by his proximity as well.

    Yoon S-A doesn’t like toting bags that much. We often just see her clutching her purse.

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    Habaek tried to prevail on So-A’s guilt by telling her to buy him clothes as a repayment for saving her life. So-A initially took him to a department store where he tried on different clothes.

    But since So-A is broke, they ended up buying new clothes from what looks like a thrift store, much to Habaek’s irritation.

    So-A treated Habaek to some noodles since the latter is experiencing more hunger as of late. While there, Habaek noticed someone stalking them and it looks like the same guy So-A mistook earlier.

    Her style is actually growing on me. It’s business-casual-chic done right. I also love the monochromatic palette. It’s so easy on the eyes.

    When she got back to the office she learned that someone is actually interested in buying her useless piece of land. When she found out that it’s Hoo Ye’s company trying to buy it, she tried to negotiate for a higher price.

    A better look of the last clothing Moo Ra wore from her photoshoot earlier. It’s a simple red dress accentuated by a collar and side buttons.

    All red for the feisty Moo Ra as she once again faces Habaek.

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    So-A meets up with Hoo Ye to negotiate terms. She said she won’t sell the land if they’re not willing to pay 5 times its value. But Hoo Ye jokes that they’re actually willing to pay 7 times for it due to its value to them.

    Moo Ra pressures Bi Ryum. They’re still keeping secrets from Habaek.

    Bi Ryum’s Sweatshirt is the:

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    Yoon So-A finally gets the deal from Hoo Ye but the latter advices her to read the contract thoroughly first.

    Hoo Ye remains kind to Shin Ja Ya despite her being hostile towards him. He even offered her a handkerchief to wipe off the jajjangmyeon stains off of her face.

    Habaek got himself another piece of clothing. From the thrift shop, I guess?

    Here’s a better look at the camisole Yoon So-A wore.

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    Habaek waited for Yoon So-A to return from work. So-A felt grateful for him even though he said he’s only there because he wants to do some thinking.

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    So-A also brought home chicken. She’s feeling a little festive after finally having a buyer for her land.

    It turned out Habaek has some news of his own. Upon Moo Ra’s request, he became her bodyguard. That means getting stumbled on and his hair pulled out by rabid fans.

    Moo Ra’s metallic purple silk blouse that she wore with a mustard yellow skirt is a startling combination. Rarely do we see such bold colors on a Kdrama. But then, this is Moo Ra we’re talking about and she makes this look seem so wearable.

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    Bi Ryum looking pristine in this striped shirt that he draped a sweater over.

    After a difficult day and after Moo Ra still refused to give him the god stone, Habaek called Yoon So-A so he could drive her car. Because he still doesn’t have a license, So-A ended up driving. She took them near the beach. So-A’s complexion was highlighted by this mint green jacket. Habaek also had a different suit on.

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    So-A’s mint Jacket is from Dewl but not available online.

    They rested in this lovely place with the breeze wafting all over them. So-A dreamed of being at the beach, with Habaek by her side.

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