Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 3 Review

  • Bride of Habaek/Bride of the Water God Episode 3 Korean Drama Fashion Review

    The Story So Far: Yoon So-A’s patient, who suddenly had a mental breakdown after Habaek told him nobody can save the earth, which is the opposite of what the gods have purportedly told him before, tried to kill himself by drowning in the lake. So-A couldn’t save him as she is afraid of the water so Habaek did it in her stead, noticing her distress over getting near the lake.

    Habaek has been warning So-A that if she doesn’t accept her fate and role as the gods’ servant, she will continue to have a difficult life. It’s definitely starting for So-A as she’s been having auditory hallucinations.

    Would you wear track suits while hanging your freshly-washed clothes? Not sure about you but So-A did in this scene.

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    The hallucinations continue so So-A sought her other psychologist friend, Jo Yeom Mi, help. Yeom Mi said the “patient” is having these hallucinations due to guilt.

    To rectify that guilt, she tried to make amends with the patient who tried committing suicide. But even then, she still kept hearing things.

    Habaek, on the other hand, tried to get his hands on a new phone but it’s hard what with them not having IDs and money.

    Yoon So-A looking worn-out from hearing things all day.

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    She finally caved in and went to Habaek only to have him tell her that it’s going to get more difficult for her if she keeps insisting that Habaek isn’t a real god and shunning her duties.

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    To rectify their money-less situation, Nam Soo Ri tried taking Habaek to where he hid gold. Unfortunately when they got there, the place is already developed and buildings were already there. It’s not a fool’s errand though as Habaek saw Moo Ra again on the screen projected at a building.

    So-A’s assistant encouraged her to go to a charity event supposedly to attract more potential clients to go to her clinic. Little did she know that it’s going to be a long climb up.

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    She again crosses path with Hoo Ye who was attending the same event. Hoo Ye offered to give her a ride but Yoon So-A declined.

    So-A couldn’t believe that Hoo Ye is incapable of reading between the lines. His assistant even told him there are times when what people say is the opposite of what they really want.

    So-A met up with her colleagues at the event. Her outfit is a refreshing change from her usual get-up in this drama. More feminine looks please!

    When So-A exited the party, she ran into Shin Ja Ya who wasted no time making fun of her current status. So-A fought back, causing quite a stir. Shin Ja Ya also accidentally ripped out her top’s sleeves.

    When Yoon So-A walked away, Shin Ja Ya tried following her. Habaek, who was there to see So-A intercepted.

    Habaek said in order to get rid of her auditory hallucinations, she must agree to become his slave. So-A asked what it is she could do. Habaek said if she can take him to Moo Ra, he will free her of her hallucinations. So-A realized that the Moo Ra Habaek was looking for was actually a famous local celebrity.

    So-A took him to Moo Ra’s posh and expensive place. Moo Ra now lives as a celebrity.

    As expected, Crystal is nothing short of stylish in this drama. I expected no less than this edgy look.

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    Habaek tried getting Moo Ra’s attention but was waylaid by her guards. Habaek and the guards got into a scuffle until So-A intervened. She chastised Moo Ra for hurting her ward, which caused Moo Ra to raise her brows.

    Habaek was at a loss as to why Moo Ra would pretend she doesn’t know him.

    Moo Ra called Bi Ryum to inform him that Habaek is here, a lot of worry in her voice.

    So-A thought Habaek is in dire need of help so she took him to see a “god”, who happens to be Yeom Mi.

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    Even Yeom Mi couldn’t handle Habaek so she exited before So-A could see her doing so. Habaek accused So-A of tricking him. Fed up, Habaek told her to go and not to worry about being his servant anymore. When So-A left, she was kidnapped by an unknown person and took her to the top of the building.

    Nam Soo Ri saw So-A being pushed out of the building by a person in black and called Habaek. So-A was already falling when Habaek saw her. He immediately run and transformed into water to save her.

    A dramatic ending and definitely changed the pace for me.