Bride of Habaek / Bride of the Water God Episode 2 Review

  • Bride of Habaek/Bride of the Water God Episode 2 Review

    Last episode’s kiss left us wondering whether it has an effect on wakening up Yoon So-A. Apparently, it didn’t but the memory haunted So-A for a long time.

    So-A didn’t bother changing out of her clothes from the day before. She’s still wearing this ensemble that she wore for office.

    Meanwhile, Nam Soo Ri persuaded Habaek to join this amateur skate boarding competition, eyeing the price as they needed money for their daily necessities.

    So-A, after much persuasion from her assistant’s recorded message, decided to go for an exercise.

    Her path once again collides with Habaek, who impressed everyone with his skateboarding skills.

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    After running away from Habaek, So-A found herself near the riverbanks. She remembered the time when she tried to commit suicide. Since that time, So-A’s scared of going near a body of water.

    Hoo Ye looking neat in this tailored suit.

    Nothing different in Soo-A’s choice of work clothing here. The same recipe – shirt, cropped pants, sneakers and a blazer. Her assistant once again informed her of her many financial worries, including one pressing problem, their tenancy.

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    So-A’s character is a big paradox. She claims to be tough and uncaring but she gives us glimpses that inside of her, she’s really a softie.

    Habaek and Nam Soo Ri witnessed So-A helping the old man. When Soo-A shooed them off, Habaek noticed someone following them. It turned out to be a minor god that Habaek banished before and is now exacting revenge after finding out Habaek has lost his powers.

    It’s unclear what Hoo Ye’s relationship with this man here although later episodes say he’s a distant cousin. We also see the old man’s granddaughter, Shin Ja Ya, and her hostile attitude towards Hoo Ye.

    So-A meets up with the landlord, who happens to be the old man. She tries to explain her situation but excuses herself after seeing he’s in a meeting with Hoo Ye.

    At the train station, Nam Soo Ri accidentally split up with Habaek. So-A’s patient was there at the time and somehow instantly knew Habaek is a god.

    When Habaek told him that nobody could save the earth, the patient got very angry and tried to kill himself. So-A tried to save him but couldn’t because of her fear of the water. Habaek ended up going in the water and saving him.