Big Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 8

  • Synopsis: After learning of the ring that Yoon Jae supposedly bought for her, Gil Da Ran was contemplating on accepting Kyung Joon’s proposal to get married. Jang Ma Ri wasn’t happy about this turn of events. She threatened to expose everything to Gil Da Ran’s parents but Kyung Joon stopped her, reminding her of what happened to his mom the last time she interfered.

    To clear her mind and come up with a good decision, Gi Da Ran talked to Se Young. She wanted to learn more about Se Young’s relationship with Yoon Jae. But Se Young refuses to cooperate.

    Meanwhile, Gil Choong Sik is getting a bit desperate to catch the attention and heart of Jang Ma Ri. When Ma Ri visited their house, his mom showed a box full of adult magazines and videos, much to the embarrassment of Gil Choong Sik. Feeling miffed and hurt, he stowed away that night.

    Gil Da Ran and her family were worried sick of Choong Sik. They even called the PE teacher to help search for him. After learning of what happened, Kyung Joon also joined the search. He enlisted the help of Ma Ri and Choong Sik’s friends.

    They found out that he could be in the subway station or the sauna. Because of her jealousy, Ma Ri told Gil Da Ran to head to the subway station and asked her to tell Kyung Joon to go to the sauna with her.

    Ma Ri and Kyung Joon found Choong Sik at the sauna. It was there that Kyung Joon found out that Ma Ri sent Da Ran to the subway station. They got there in time to save Da Ran from the homeless people who lived there.

    Kyung Joon was pissed at Ma Ri because of Da Ran’s near miss. It reminded him of her antics that got his mom killed. Ma Ri apologized to him and promised not to interfere again.

    After that, all was well. Da Ran and Kyung Joon still in Yoon Jae’s body finally got married. They were on their way to the airport to catch Da Ran’s flight to China. Unfortunately she left her passport, thereby causing her to miss her flight. They finally agreed to go to China together. But while waiting for Da Ran to get tickets, Kyung Joon had a brief experience going back to his body.

    Fashion Highlights:

    At the beginning of the episode, Jang Ma Ri was toting this mint-colored tasseled drawstring crossbody bag. Tasseled bags, especially if pastel-colored, is a must-have item these days.

    Ma Ri is the queen of accessories in this drama. She has a collection of headbands and barrettes, colorful watches and cute jewelry. Her earrings look like frogs if you take a closer look.

    Let’s take a look at Da Ran’s dress here. It’s a little black dress but adorned with pretty cut outs and bow details on the sleeves.

    Da Ran and Se Young sure have a lot of scenes like this. You can see the differences in the styles of both women. Da Ran kept it simple with a blue collared wrap dress while Se Young looks edgy with her sequined top and skinny pants.


    I love Ma Ri’s top here. The print looks so pretty against the pastel blue background. The pleats on the collar are also unique.

    Spotted vintage style! Gil Da Ran’s parents, Kyung Joon’s uncle and the high school principal apparently have a back story.

    I don’t like camouflage prints. But if it’s the same colors like those on Yoon Jae’s sweater, I might be persuaded to wear some.



    Ma Ri’s blouse is something I would love to have in my closet. It looks to be a mixture of eyelet and crochet. The simplicity of the white is offset by the plaid shorts. A very cool ensemble for the summer season.

    Don’t you just love Yoon Jae’s outfit here? A lot of people often complain about how men were always styled to look slightly effeminate. But with Yoon Jae’s physique, the slightly feminine style of the polka-dotted top’s sleeves is lost.