Big Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 15

  • Big Korean Drama Synopsis:
    When Kyung Joon fainted, his soul met Yoon Jae. He immediately knew that once he went back to his own body, he will forget everything that transpired after the accident, including his feelings for Da Ran. He begged Yoon Jae more time to set things right with Da Ran and prepare her for this as he doesn’t want her to be hurt.

    When he woke up, he pretended he lost his memories of Da Ran. He asked Jang Ma Ri to keep this a secret as he just wants to prepare Da Ran in case he really loses his memory. He acted cold and uncaring, even threw the memorabilia Da Ran kept. This saddened Da Ran greatly.

    Da Ran is starting to suspect that Kyung Joon is just feigning memory so she will not get hurt too much in the future. Kyung Joon, on the other hand, is preparing to go away to Germany to resume his treatment and be as far away from Da Ran as possible. Da Ran was also processing her transfer to a suburban school. This confused her family and the people around her as they all assumed it has something to do with her current relationship with Yoon Jae.

    Kyung Joon, after talking with Gil Choong Sik, followed Da Ran to her interview with the suburban school principal. He arrived in time to take her away and talk to her. They got into another argument. Da Ran then had a drinking session with her dad. Here, she spilled about her feelings and how difficult it is to let go. Da Ran’s dad called Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae to take her home. In a drunken state, she confessed about her feelings for Kyung Joon and that she is mad about him pretending not to remember anything.

    Da Ran’s family and Yoon Jae’s family are planning to meet together as Da Ran wanted to tell them that she and Yoon Jae are planning to split. Jang Ma Ri also decided to go.

    Before that could happen, Kyung Joon whisked Da Ran away. He took her to the place where he took her before the episode, the place where she was supposed to meet Yoon Jae. Here, he told her that he was really just pretending but it was all for the best since he is going to lose his memories of her anyway. He asked her to just remember him and not to forget what they had together. He then threw the watch she gave him into the river and left to meet the two families.

    Da Ran, who couldn’t completely let go and ignore Kyung Joon’s existence in her life, waded into the water and looked for the watch. She went into the meeting looking like a crazy woman, with her disheveled appearance and dirty clothes. She then promptly confessed to everyone about her feelings for a guy with the initials KKJ and took her wedding ring off, much to the shock of the whole family. Feeling touched by her confession, Kyung Joon told everyone it was his fault and he cheated first and then took Da Ran away.
    Fashion Highlights:
    Gil Da Ran Fashion

    You probably know by know how much the stylists of this drama love incorporating colors in a monochrome ensemble. Take this Gil Da Ran fashion/look for instance. To spice up her black and white outfit, they let her use lemon yellow messenger bag. It breaks the monotony of the outfits.

    They chose to dress Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae in a striped collared top and tapered pants again, something we have seen them do in the previous episodes. But really, we couldn’t get enough of this look as it flattered his physique and brings out a clean, polished and elegant vibe. It’s such an easy look for guys to copy too.

    Gil Da Ran Fashion

    Statement collar is pandemic in the fashion world. Got a boring top? Put a cute detachable collar over it. In fact, collars have practically replaced necklaces. There are even necklaces made to look like collars. If you have old clothes with collars, cut them up and embellish them for a new look.

    Get Gil Da Ran’s Top With Embellished Collar:

    Lee Min Jung Big Korean Drama Fashion

    Nice Claup Top, 152,100 Won

    Gil Da Ran Fashio

    Here’s a very easy Gil Da Ran look to copy – a loose-fitting shirt + skorts (or slightly flared shorts). You can pair it up with pumps or platforms and you are good to go.

    Her huge satchel is also covet-worthy. Huge bags like this are a little difficult to carry all the time because of their weight but they are really great in accommodating lots of stuff like gadgets and books. Invest in bags like this for school or office use.

    Get Her Top:

    Big Korean Drama Fashion

    Burberry Prorsum Embellished Print T-Shirt, $686.00

    Gil Da Ran Fashion

    Not a huge fan of this look but here you go. Her top is from a company called Maje.

    Gil Da Ran Fashion

    You might not see it clearly from this photo but Da Ran is using the same brown platforms she has worn in the previous episodes. I usually find it inconsistent whenever the stylists let middle class drama characters wear different expensive clothes and shoes all the time.

    Gil Da ran Fashion

    I like the neckline detail and the sleeves of this Thyren creation but I can’t help but feel depressed when I look at her in it. Her supposedly cheerful and strong personality failed to come across in the dress and she just looks tired. Plus, the dress looks like a potato sack or something embellished with cute floral appliqué. It did nothing to flatter her looks.

    Get Gil Da Ran’s Dress:

    Lee MIn Jung Dress Big Korean Drama

    Thyren Lace Embellished Dress

    Big Korean Drama

    She paired it up with a brown satchel bag. Could have been better with gold metallic bags.

    Get Gil Da Ran’s Bag:

    Vincis Bench Satchel Bag

    Vincis Bench Satchel Bag, 279,540 Won

    Big Korean Drama

    Couple shirts! I actually love what Jang Ma Ri is wearing here just because I wear this kind of look a lot of times too. Graphic shirts + high waisted skirts give off a vintage, 90’s kind of vibe. I like wearing high waisted skirts without prints to accentuate the graphic image on the shirt.

    Big Korean Drama

    That skull detail again. She is wearing skull-printed wrap headband and mismatched skull earrings.

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

    Jang Ma Ri’s dress is actually a polka dot cutout but I want to talk about Kyung Joon’s fashion more. He looks impeccable again in this denim button top from APC with its sleeves rolled just above his wrists.

    Girls can also copy the same look. Men-style fashion is embraced with open arms these days. Look for a form-fitting denim button down top and pair it up with your high waist pants or shorts. Add on some men-style loafers to complete the look.