Big Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 14

  • Synopsis: Da Ran and Kyung Joon’s relationship took a turn for the worse ever since Da Ran lied about prioritizing Yoon Jae over Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon was feeling rebellious. He decided to let go away and leave everyone. Ma Ri was a bit happy about Kyung Joon’s decision because this means he will forget about his feelings for Da Ran.

    Meanwhile Yoon Jae’s mom has asked the help of Da Ran to convince Yoon Jae to undergo surgery. Da Ran told her she will help her convince Yoon Jae but only if they prioritize Kyung Joon’s health. She also wanted Kyung Joon’s biological parents to apologize to him when he wakes up.

    Da Ran and Yoon Jae’s parents arranged a dinner to talk to Yoon Jae/Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon threatened to tell Yoon Jae’s parents about their switching of bodies but Da Ran stopped him. During dinner, they explained why they need another woman to give birth to Kyung Joon. It turned out that Yoon Jae’s mom had difficulty conceiving. There were two embryos conceived. Yoon Jae was conceived through In Vitro fertilization while Kyung Joon was preserved and reserved. They could have been fraternal twins. Or if they decided to use Kyung Joon as embryo, he would have been in Yoon Jae’s place.

    Kyung Joon visited his uncle. He told them that he is handling Kyung Joon’s inheritance. He has a right because they are brothers. It was then that his uncle told him of Kyung Joon’s mom’s love for Yoon Jae’s dad. It was this love that led her to accept being a surrogate mother. Kyung Joon felt angry because they used his mom. He promised that they will never use his body for Yoon Jae’s sake in the same way.

    He went drinking that night. Da Ran fetched him. He said he will do what everyone wishes and undergo surgery. He also left the watch Da Ran gave him. Ma Ri retrieved the watch and refused to give it back to Kyung Joon.

    Kyung Joon told everyone about his plans to go to Germany where his doctor father works to undergo surgery. Everyone agreed with this plan. He asked Da Ran to stay as he didn’t want anyone to accompany him. However, he went back to the bar where he lost the watch and looked for it.

    Expectedly, Ma Ri was waiting for him at the airport. She wanted to go with him to Germany. However, Kyung Joon told him he actually has no plans of doing to Germany. He plans to just disappear. This alarmed Ma Ri as Yoon Jae’s body is still sick. She then calls Da Ran to ask for her help.

    Da Ran rushed to the airport. She caught Kyung Joon in time. She then confessed her feelings to him and how she doesn’t want him to just disappear. This convinced Kyung Joon to stay. He then asked around about the history of the two miracle angels. It turned out that the story behind it was Kyung Joon’s mom’s idea. She wanted a miracle to happen when the two brothers finally meet.

    At dinner, Da Ran and Kyung Joon feasted on the chicken Kyung Joon made and the bread that Da Ran bought. They talked about erasing their feelings for each other because when Kyung Joon goes back to his own body, he is bound to forget everything.

    The next day was the day where they will extract Kyung Joon’s blood for the surgery. While waiting, Yoon Jae fainted. Da Ran rushed to his side. When he woke up, he was behaving oddly.

    Fashion Highlights:
    Big Korean Drama

    Don’t be afraid to wear something glittery. Gil Da Ran proved that glittery dresses can give off a romantic and sophisticated vibe. Just make sure it has a nice silhouette like this gold dress from A.P.C x Vanessa Seward with flared pleated skirt and baby doll sleeves. Wear a leather chained purse for good measure.

    Get Gil Da Ran’s Dress:

    Big Korean Drama Fashion

    A.P.C x Vanessa Seward Dress, 550 €

    Big Korean Drama

    A close-up look at the material of Da Ran’s dress.

    Big Korean Drama

    She wore ankle-strap platforms again. To echo the glitter of her dress, she chose platform shoes with glittery straps. This ensemble doesn’t look too rich or opulent because the color of the shoes is darker than the dress.

    Big Korean Drama

    Again with the minimalist-style bag. When your outfit has a muted color palette, opt for colorful, big totes like what Da Ran used.

    Big Korean Drama

    Let’s also appreciate Kyung Joon’s fashion. It echoed his previous plaid+jeans+loafers look.

    Big Korean Drama

    This bag looks similar to the green one but I love this coral color. Coral is becoming more popular these days.

    Big Korean Drama

    If you hate wearing accessories ( as they can be cumbersome sometimes), try wearing clothes with interesting details – cut outs, studs, rhinestones, or in the case of Da Ran, zig zag appliqués on the collar.

    Big Korean Drama

    The cobalt blue color often makes an appearance in the clothes, shoes and bags of the female characters of this drama. It’s a testament to how popular this color is these days.

    Big Korean Drama

    Two-tone ankle-straps always give off a sophisticated appeal. When in doubt, go for ankle-strapped platforms. She is wearing a dress from Anne Klein New York.

    Big Korean Drama
    Black and red make a great color combination. Jang Ma Ri’s top is from It Michaa.

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    Business Pitch Perfect Top, $42.99, ModCloth


    Belle of The Ball Skirt In Crimson, $49.99, ModCloth

    Big Korean Drama

    I love this 60’s-style dress of Jang Ma Ri. Too bad they didn’t show the flare of the skirt. The sleeves are also cute. Baby doll sleeves are always great for feminine looks.

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    Too Much Fun In Crimson Dress, $79.99, Emily and Fin

    Big Korean Drama

    This is arguably my favorite headband worn by Jang Ma Ri. The cluster of stars that mimic a tiara is definitely a winner in my accessories book. Statement accessories such as this make your outfits look more interesting.

    Big Korean Drama
    Again with collared top+high waisted skirt look. This look is actually very easy to copy. If you decide to wear printed high waisted skirt, wear a top with a plain-colored top. If you decide to wear printed top, wear plain-colored skirts. If you are feeling more daring, mix and match prints. Floral on floral prints are popular these days. For as long as they share a common color, it should work.

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    Bow-n Voyage Skirt, $62.99, Emily and Fin

    Big Korean Drama

    Lovely collar on Ma Ri’s dress. The periwinkle-blue hue of the dress also made Jang Ma Ri’s aura look different. Cascading collar like this can also hide slightly big arms.

    Big Korean Drama

    You gotta love Ma Ri’s camel-tone saddle bag. She has already toted a saddle bag in the previous episodes but this one is a tad bigger. The color also matches well with her dress. Camel-tone saddle bags are pretty versatile. They go with dresses, pants, and even denim shorts for the summer.

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    Big Korean Drama

    Vintage Saddle Bag, $29.99

    Big Korean Drama

    Fashion face-off! Da Ran looks sleek and elegant in her black top and printed skirt while Ma Ri looks mod with her plaid dress from Jessi. Yep, 90’s plaid fashion is coming back in full force and we often see this mixed with mod fashion. Also, Ma Ri’s small satchel bag is so cute. It’s from Cath Kidston.

    Get A Similar Jang Ma Ri Dress:

    Bonjour The One Dress, $79.99, ModCloth

    Big Korean Drama

    Korean guys can really pull off wearing pastel-colored pants without looking, shall we say, effeminate? That’s because they mix it up with slightly darker or mannish hues such as the grey sweater Kyung Joon/Yoon Jae wore.

    Big Korean Drama

    Se Young looked casual chic in this oversized sweater+skinny pants combo. Follow her lead by using neon pumps to add a splash of color to your outfit.

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    Michael Antonio Love Me Heels, $49.99


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