Big Korean Drama Review And Fashion Recap: Episode 13

  • Synopsis: After the kiss, Da Ran and Kyung Joon are more open with their feelings. But Da Ran kept feeling bad because she cheated on Yoon Jae. Although they have practically admitted their feelings for each other since the kiss, Da Ran still is uncomfortable with whatever relationship they have.

    Meanwhile, Se Young met up with Yoon Jae’s dad. She is privy to the secret behind Kyung Joon’s parentage. But while talking with him, Ma Ri was eavesdropping. She unexpectedly discovered that Kyung Joon shares the same father as Yoon Jae.

    Kyung Joon celebrated his birthday with Da Ran. When they went home, Da Ran gave him the watch she bought. Kyung Joon pointed out that whenever the watch strikes 10:10, she will remember him. While they were enjoying their easy banter, Ma Ri was watching from a distance. Ma Ri wanted to tell Kyung Joon about what she learned but was loathe to ruin his good mood.

    When Da Ran went to school the next day, Ma Ri noticed that her wedding ring is missing. It turned out that Da Ran lost it the night before. They went out looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere. Knowing the symbolism of the ring, Ma Ri was frantic about finding it.

    After a whole day of thinking about Kyung Joon, Da Ran went out looking for the ring again on her own. Kyung Joon found her. He asked why there is a need to look for the ring. Unaware that they were being overheard by Gil Choong Sik, Da Ran said she needed to come clean that she cheated on Yoon Jae by finding the ring first.

    Gil Choong Sik reported this to their parents. As expected, Da Ran’s parents were enraged by her infidelity – so much that his father even locked her up in prison. Kyung Joon followed her and had himself locked up as well. When they got home that night, Da Ran confessed that she couldn’t stop thinking about him. They shared some skinship (hugging), much to the heartbreak of Ma Ri who was again watching from a distance.

    Ma Ri then took matters into her own hands and arranged a meeting between Da Ran and Yoon Jae’s father. She wanted Da Ran to be the bearer of the bad news. Kyung Joon, on the other hand, found out that Yoon Jae’s illness from childhood came back again. This made his parents worry. They need Kyung Joon again as a donor.

    While in the hospital, Kyung Joon experienced going back to his body again. This time he saw Se Young and Yoon Jae’s mom in the room. When he woke up, he rushed to the room where his body is and overheard Se Young and Yoon Jae’s mom talking. He eventually learned about his parentage and how he was conceived. It enraged him further when he found out that they planned to use his body again to save Yoon Jae’s life.

    Ma Ri said Da Ran knew everything about it and that she was just pretending she didn’t for Yoon Jae’s sake. To make matters worse, Da Ran lied about knowing the secret for Kyung Joon’s sake. After Da Ran said Yoon Jae will always be first, Kyung Joon was devastated.

    Fashion Highlights:

    As you have probably noticed, Gil Da Ran loves to wear chiffon sheer tops. They’re great for the summer season as they are light and airy. She paired it up with a tie-dyed pair of shorts and her brown platforms. Plain shorts can be easily jazzed up with the help of dye.

    Gil Da Ran’s chiffon top is from Sisley. The pink version is available here.

    Big Korean Drama

    She often wears skinny watches. I think these watches are great if you want to achieve the formal but casual look. They also make your ensembles look easy and uncluttered.

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

    The bags Gil Da Ran use often gravitate towards minimalist style. This trend is probably going to be seen in the Fall dramas as this is the upcoming Western bag trend. They’re more on solid colors and clean lines.

    Get Gil Da Ran’s Bag:

    Gil Da Ran Bag Big

    Couronne Bag, 525,000 Won

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

    We haven’t seen the end of the high waisted skirt trend yet. They’re popular in dramas back in 2009 and they’re still popular today. It really gives a romantic and girly vibe. If you don’t like to look too much like a princess, opt for dark-colored high waist skirts and pair them up with collared tops. Jang Ma Ri’s bag is from Lancel.

    Lancel Jang Ma Ri Bag

    Lancel Bag

    Big Korean Drama

    It’s actually one of my favorite Jang Ma Ri looks just because it is so edgy. I love the thigh high socks and how it is a surprising element that provided contrast to the straight dress she wore.

    Get Jang Ma Ri’s Dress:

    ZOOC Jang Ma Ri Big Fashion

    Zooc Dress, 89,100 Won

    Big Korean Drama

    Her earrings are actually mismatched. There are lots of earrings today with deliberately mismatched pairs.

    Big Korean Drama

    She wore ankle strap platforms. Yes, you can pair socks with sandals, platform shoes, oxfords, flats and even stilettos. If you want to achieve the preppy look, put socks on everything. You can even wear double socks. Just push the top layer lower to provide a contrasting look.

    Big Korean Drama

    Big Korean Drama

    I don’t know what the sleeves are called but they’re pretty. If you are one of those who are a little hesitant in wearing sleeveless dresses because of your arms, you can wear dresses with sleeves like this. They slim down your arms a bit. Jang Ma Ri’s dress is from Jill by Jill Stuart.

    Big Korean Drama

    Kyung Joon is looking impeccable as always with his button down top and tailored pants. Look for button down tops with different-colored sleeves like this to make your dressy outfits look less austere.

    Big Korean Drama

    Kyung Joon’s watch!! I have yet to research on the brand though.


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